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Anyone tried this wine? - Cabernet Franc L'Orangeraie Reserve 2016


Just came across this wine within New wines on the TWS website. I was wondering if anyone tried this or other vintages and what you thought. At this price might be worth a punt.


not me, but sounds lovely and now added to my wishlist

(enjoying the crowdsourced shopping list these days )


I have tried that at a previous tasting - out of all of the wines this is the wine I put on my wishlist :slight_smile: my wife remembers wines by the bottle label so this is ‘The orangery one’ :smiley:


Will also put it into my next case as my partner is a massive lover of Cabernet Franc.


A bottle of this will be delivered on Friday - might end up as a Super Bowl accompaniment on Sunday night!


Added to my wishlist too now :wink:


Mine just arrived today, may make it to the weekend drinking list…


I didn’t love this, to be honest. I found it quite a rich mouthful. Inky, dark and full. However, I don’t think I’m the best person to judge as on reflection I think I’m just not really a big Cab Franc fan. Something about the flavour profile just doesn’t tick the box for me on its own, but I enjoy it in a Bordeaux blend.


I have and I thought it was great a rare find, an interesting taste of candied fruits and dare I say marmalade, it also evolved in the open bottle in a nice way, different enough to create interest and some length, at this price a bargain, I will buy again.
Just a note, the back label gives the impression it is not 100% Cab Franc ?


Hi Cerberus. By coincidence I have just taken delivery of this wine but have yet to open it. The back label is confusing but suggests, to me, that Maison Lorgeril make several wines under the L’Orangerie Reserve label. I interpret as being 100% CF but there are other varietals available. The label is generic.

I agree, it is confusing. Hope the wine’s good as I am also a big CF fan.


Just to add, perhaps the WS buyer can clarify?


This is interesting… ive also received a bottle of this yesterday so I wonder whether there is anything else in it apart from Cab Franc.


Maison Logeril’s own website indicates a range of varietals - not including CF - that suggests it is a range of varietals under the l’Orangerie label. The’re very specific about what is in the blend which infers ( only infers) that the CF is 100%.
btw Leah - your Vietnamese dish might stand a fruity, un-oaked red if you want a different shade of colour. Otherwise a good Gruner?


I’ll see what light fruit reds I have, I think the Gruners too acidic as the sauces are spicy as hell …! Thanks :+1:


LA pleasant surprise awaits those of you who like or have tried Loire CF.
I like Loire CF but this Languedoc example offers none of the vegetal characteristics and is altogether more rounded with ripe red berry fruit…I’m still wading my way thru a list of wines to be my house red… Presently L’Orangerie sits on top of the list !


I saw your note on Cellartracker, I do like that you can take a step back and evaluate in a way that is beneficial to all. Also good that people gave different tastes.


I tried some last night and found it rather uninteresting. Easily identifiable as CF, lacking in complexity.

I’d much rather have a CF from the Loire.


Colour - almost luminous purple, some viscosity on glass. Nose - raspberry, with some underripe green notes. No farmyard aromas. Typical of young CF. Palate much the same, straight up and down wine of little complexity. Easy drinking wine, think the French call it a ‘bistro’ wine. If you’re looking for more depth and interest go to the Loire.


Okay, so I tried this now as well. Drank over two days and then used roughly a third of the bottle in a Hungarian style, turkey leg meat stew. The stew was delicious, I made sure the wine was always fully reduced, not as much for the alcohol, but more for the concentration of flavour.

First day when opened, the nose was very Beaujolais, I am assuming it must be carbonic maceration. On the palate it was thin, tasted almost diluted… it was very lightweight. On the second night it was still light, but in a better way and there was definitely more of the savoury / slightly vegetal notes of cabernet franc. I would say it is good value for the price and the lowish alcohol is a bonus.


Mine arrives next week.

I’ve just had a look at what is in my order: 3 repeat purchases and 7 items suggested in the Community!