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Anyone tasted Queensland wine?


We are off to Australia in the middle of March spending it in Queensland. We’ll be in the Gold Coast for the Commonwealth Games and in Brisbane for a few days before then. Out of curiosity I googled Queensland Wine and was surprised to find that it is a thing at all. We can locate the wineries on the web but just interested to know if anyone has ever tasted any and got an opinion they’d like to share.


Definitely sounds like a question for @Tim_S in the first instance, but I’ve been surprised in the past how well travelled members are, and where others have already visited, so I hope there will be others with suggestions


@JayKay Whilst Qld certainly isn’t known for it’s wine and very few locals would even be aware of it, some of the stuff coming out of the Granite Belt is actually pretty good.

Tempranillo in particular has been showing up quite well or if you travel a bit further south down into New England there are some really exciting wines being made including some aromatic whites and Italian red varieties. If you send me a message I’ll be happy to put you in touch with some contacts who will be able to lead you astray.


I have tasted Sirromet wine but as someone who prefers old world wines I would let one make one’s own opinion. I understand that the winery has a good restaurant and nice location so perhaps it is better suited to a day out than to stocking one’s cellar?