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Anyone interested in forming a tasting group? [Tunbridge Wells]


Hi everyone,
I hope you all had a lovely Christmas.

I have recently finished my WSET Level 3 and I will be signing up to start the Level 4 Diploma next year.

Whilst I hope to have a job in the industry in the next few months where my exposure and access to a range of wines will increase, I’m sure you’ll agree that tasting is practice, practice, practice. To that end, I would love to start a tasting group.

The idea would be to focus on differential lists of styles of wine (e.g. aromatic whites, spicy reds etc.) and comparatively taste to form mental benchmarks.

The benefit of a tasting group is not least in the social aspect of it, but the sharing of knowledge, comparing of observations and of course the dividing of expenses!

I am based in Tunbridge Wells in Kent. Is there anyone in the area that would be interested in this?





I was thinking about this as well. I don’t live far from you and would be interested although my experience of critical tasting is far beneath your own.




Hi Neil, thanks for replying! It would be great to have people of all experience levels so don’t worry about that! I’ll wait to see what kind of response I get and I’ll be in touch!


I’ve encountered this need for tasting practice many years ago when I was going through my WSET exams and it proved invaluable.

I’m based in Kent too and would be happy to contribute. Besides, learning is an ongoing thing and one can never say that he/she knows enough.

Depending on the number of people involved, it would be more appealing to me if we shared the locations rather than having to travel to the same spot all the time.

Thumbs up for your suggestion and I hope quite a few people could join.



Hi Peter, I thought the same. It makes sense to alternate location - perhaps at respective houses providing people are happy with that. Thanks for responding!


Hi Angela

I would be very interested in joining your group and like you I have completed my WSET level 3 and recently started my diploma. As you say though, all experience levels are beneficial and individual opinions all count (none of which are wrong!) so I hope nobody is put off by that.

I live near Sevenoaks so the location is no problem.



Hi Mark, that’s great! Glad to have a fellow student ;-). Not to go too much off topic on this thread but how’s the diploma going, which unit/s have you covered?


Hi Angela

It’s going well…first exam next week on viticulture and vinification (about 10% of the total qualification). It takes a fair amount of time to study - minimum 10-15 hours a week and its a big step up from level 3 but very enjoyable.



Hi Angela,

I’m in Petts Wood near Orpington. My tasting skills are in their infancy but i’m very keen. Unfortunately, i’m away for work for the first 6 months of 2018…If you’re still going strong in the summer, count me in!

i’ll keep an eye on this thread.

Norman P


Hi Norman, I will definitely let you know, thanks for responding!


Hi Angela, I reached my own personal goal of WSET level 3 last year. As a curious wine drinker, tasting groups provide the perfect way to taste the world and meet other like minded people. I am based near Sevenoaks and would be interested in getting a new group off the ground.


Hi Chris, that’s great! That makes 5 of us.

I have another friend in T Wells that’s interested too so I think 6 makes a good number. Unless there’s anyone else, can I please ask those that have already expressed interest to email me at amcbreeze@gmail.com? I’ll start getting the ball rolling on the first meeting!


Rob (WS staff) got in touch to test out the group function so he’s kindly set up this up for us to share info: https://community.thewinesociety.com/groups/TG1


I’ve been looking for an excuse to test this, so thank you @Ambreeze et al for the opportunity

let me know how the experience goes

Joining this group will allow you to have private group conversations via the PM function so you can stay in touch and share details that might not be relevant to the wider community


Hi all

I’d be interested to get involved in some tastings if there’s room for me? I’m in West Malling so not a million miles away

Have you had any tastings or are there any planned?


Hi Nick, regrettably the group only managed one tasting before imploding. i’m in Otford. If anyone else surfaces, maybe we can try again.



I’m in TWells - does the group meet?


Hi Lucy

It petered out before it began properly. I think there is an appetite but a lack of organisation. I’m sure it could be resurrected if enough people were keen.



I’m no longer in T Well, good luck all!


I don’t mind hosting if that helps. Is there a format or any wine soc guidance to follow?