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Anyone had the Society's Cognac VSOP?


Hi all,

With the weather closing in a bit I am starting to think about a few winter warmers, I have a few Whiskys in the cupboard and might look to add a Cognac this year. Earlier this year I had some Remy Martin OX that my uncle just happened to put out which is rather nice - alas I can’t afford to really buy a bottle as they are usually up at around £130.

I noticed that we do a VSOP Cognac for a slightly more reasonable £28, just wondering if anyone had tried it or indeed any other spirits they might recommend.

I notice we also do a Brandy as well and I noticed that we also have an Armagnac and a Marc from CNDP at around the same price as the VSOP Cognac.


The Cognac VSOP is nice, but it won’t be a patch on your XO.

That Marc de C9dP is one of my favourite digestifs of all time. It’s got bags of flavour and is a little rough around the edges which I like.


That’s good to know, not had many Marcs before so for just a pound more than the VSOP Cognac I might look to get a bottle of that.


@M1tch For something related but perhaps a little different I’d also recommend the Pineau des Charentes that TWS do…

An excellent digestif, and a regular purchase for me around this time of year.


If you google Tesseron Cognac you will find some XOs for less than £100 and they are fabulous. First came across them at an Olympia food and drink festival many years ago and was bowled over by the quality.

As an aside, we visited the ‘wrong’ Tesseron in the summer and their Cognacs were fab too. Yes fancy there being two Cognac houses called Tesseron! You cannot buy this house’s Cognac in the UK.


I agree. The Pineau is a lovely alternative to the Bleasedale Wise One. I have some hunkering down for mince pie time.


I had some of that last year :slight_smile: its a nice Christmas treat, might still have a bottle of it somewhere.


I think that is a Marc ‘trademarc’ :wink: … and is due to the fact it is made from what is leftover from pressing (bitter tannins?) … I might be wrong though


Aye it is lol. This one is aged in wood so much more rounded compared to the white firewater styles I’ve had :laughing: