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Anyone going to our Wine Fair event tomorrow?


Our next Generation Wine event takes place at The Oval tomorrow night - The Wine Fair - and it’s our biggest event of the year! :raised_hands:t3:

I’ll be there trying to lure as many members as possible to this lovely Community (and running about doing lots of social media coverage) but are any existing members attending? If so let me know and hopefully we can meet face to face and try some wines together. :smile:

It’s also a chance to meet the brilliant Head of Tastings and frequent Community contributer @Tim_S.

Would love you all to post about your top wines of the night too!


Afraid not but it sounds great! I’ll keep an eye out for next year…


I’m on my way there! Can’t wait!


Back home in Wales after the Event at the Oval. Busy, wacky and great fun!
The wine I really enjoyed (and was a great revelation to all in my Family group) was the Hambledon Premiere Cuvee Brut. However, at £38 a bottle, this was perhaps not surprising!
However, there is a ‘But…’ to follow! I am not sure about the Oval as a venue. The Jardine Suite has, in my view, a utilitarian feel about it; the acoustics are not good and the gentle chatter of people talking became very loud and noisy; it is oddly shaped and it was a little difficult to logically find one’s way around the tasting tables and, finally, it is not the easiest place to get to!
Sorry if this sounds too negative, because it was good fun evening!

David E


I have to say the Oval isn’t my favourite venue either, so I can see where you’re coming from. I’m guessing it’s hard to find a venue for such a large group (our biggest tasting of the year!) which balances location and affordability, but I’m sure @Tim_S can fill us in. :slight_smile:

Did you know we have just launched a limited-time 6 for 5 price? :wink: It’s my fave too - and I loved to see how popular it was on the night!

@RobMcDonald, what did you think? I looked out for you but couldn’t find you, and was kept busy all night on Instagram duties. :smiley:

For me my picks of the night were the Seresin chardonnay:

and the East London Liquor Company London Dry gin!

Was not expecting that to be a stand-out but my goodness, it was utterly divine! Am definitely adding a bottle to my next order (esp since I’ve just run out of gin :scream: )


Rats, I very nearly added the gin to my latest order, I should have done!

The oval is OK (they do the whisky weekender there) but at least for me an arse to get to :laughing:


Don’t worry David, not negative at all.

We were aware of the shortfalls of the venue when it was chosen but as Laura said there are always competing considerations and the space at the oval is more than 50% cheaper than any other venue that offers similar capacity and opportunities. We tried to compensate for some the shortcomings with various plans, some of which worked well, others not so much.

So as with any event there is lots that we as a team are taking from the event. The vast majority of feedback has been extremely positive but we know that if we had our time again we would do some things differently. But the show goes on with a members lunch in Stevenage yesterday and now on our way to Brighton for a brunch with 50 members then it’s up north to Hassop Hall next week.


One of the things I hope this community will be able to help with is giving my team some local insiders knowledge for various locations around the country.

The Tastings team is only small with 4 people trying to cover 135+ events a year all around the country. Research into venues takes up a huge amount of time so any suggestions are gladly received.

@Nowt_in_my_glass has recently provided me with some brilliant info for Leeds and I hope others will be able to give suggestions or introductions to venues and restaurants for our events.

If you would like to help, the things we consider include:

Access to public transport
Suitable size
Facilities including AV
Logistics including loading, rubbish etc
Staffing arrangements


Apologies for the delay - i’ve just got back from drinking my way around Tuscany!

@laura I kept an eye out for you too!

@Tim_S I actually quite like the Oval - not just being a Surrey fan south of the river, it’s got two tube stations within spitting distance and it’s an easy stroll from Westminster.

@David_E I’ve chatted to various Wine Society staff about layouts before and it’s a real challenge, if everything is laid out in tasting order, you end up with massive queues that then leave stands abandoned at the end. I thought it worked reasonably well given that they listed the whites/reds by country so if you were particular (or geeky enough) you could easily work out your own order and hunt the numbers. Perhaps a map would help?

I thoroughly enjoyed the event - some great wines and the blind tasting in the theater area was great fun (gutted I missed the sabrage though!) Some great wines, with particular favourites being:

Corbieres-Boutenac Chateau Ollieux Romanis (FC25711) - Appears to have sold out it was so good! Realy clean and fresh.

Sondraia Bolgheri Superiore, Poggio al Tesoro 2013 (IT23161) - Also sold out! Wonderful Super-Tuscan. Great value for the style.

Chianti Rufina Riserva, Villa di Vetrice Vigneto Terre di Avanella 2012 - Tasting only and what a wine, sweet fruit, depth and a surprising length.

A real guilty pleasure - perfect on a hot summers evening with cheese and crackers!

They were showing the 2017 and it’s marvellous - great value, very smooth and rounded with a lovely nose.

Incredible value - a member’s favourite and deservedly so!

A lovely, grown-up greek white. Would be great with nibbles!

All in - a brilliant evening and a great opportunity to try new grapes, chat to producers and fill some holes in my wine rack!


I had a bottle of this a couple of months ago and was so underwhelmed, but I’ve heard so much about it since then I think I may have been having an off-day palate-wise - you’ve convinced me to buy another bottle!


It’s entirely possible you may not get on too well with Garnacha, the grape it’s made from, @laura. I don’t particularly and that was my reaction too!


I purchased a bottle after seeing it as part of Decanter’s top 30 Spanish Wines for everyday drinking (March issue) and I have to agree with you I was very underwhelmed and a little disappointed - I noticed that there were a few bottles on sale as bin ends when I was at TWS on Saturday afternoon…I was not tempted


I’ve enjoyed both the graciano and garnacha and thought them incredibly good value. I’m also biased as Xabi the winemaker was such a delight to work with in organising the event and his enthusiasm for life is completely infectious.


Fans of the Zorval garnacha, and I’m most definitively one of them, might like to know that’s there’s currently £12 off per dozen (til 24th June) as part of our Multi-Case Savings offer.

You need to buy at least two cases from the offer but I found that easy and got a bit carried away and bought four: the garnacha, the deelish Society Sicilian Red, the ever-reliable Navajas Rioja and one of the mixed cases: