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Anyone for tennis?


I’m a bit surprised this hasn’t come up at all yet. I can’t be the only person interested, surely?
But really I just want to moan about John Inverdale! Doesn’t he understand that tv is mainly about pictures and that it’s radio that is about sound. Or does he think he is paid by the word? Can’t anybody shut him up for a while? Please!


LOVE tennis and really enjoyed playing (badly) until injury forced a premature retirement a few years ago. Few people realise that its one of those rare sports that you can play and enjoy, well into your later years as long as your opponent is of similar skill level. My local club has several active members in their 80’s - exercise and taking part in games or sets with other people is very healthy.

Great to see British wildcard Harriet Dart beating Krystina Pliskova at Eastbourne yesterday - she played it so cool and never lost focus - a superb result!


Some promising games at Eastbourne today. Wozniacki and Konta could be good, and Murray and Edmund should be a very competitive game, with a lot of pride at stake. Looking forward to it, as long as J Inverdale doesn’t waffle all the way through!