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Anyone experiencing any Community issues?

Hi guys,

I’ve had two or three people mention they’ve had some Community error messages/not being able to access the site for short periods yesterday - can I ask if anyone else has seen any error messages on and off in the last few days, and how long any outages have lasted?

I’m just trying to get some additional info and I’ll pass this to our tech team to have a look for us.


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Not just for short periods, but all day.

Was it just yesterday or had you had any error messages before that? Have things been alright this morning?

My phone still would not access the Community this morning (and all yesterday evening). Seems to have recovered in the last few minutes. It was odd because everywhere else on the WS site was accessible.

Nothing before yesterday. Today, I only managed to get in after your first message and my first reply, so at about 10.

I’ve found in the last few days that the site doesn’t update the read/unread numbers very reliably. I mean the numbers in the little blue circles. I read something but it continues to show as unread, often even if I read it several times. It doesn’t update till I leave the site.
Not a big problem, but it is a new one.

I’ve also experienced it - for some time now, in fact - but only on my tablet. Doesn’t seem to happen on the Mac.

Yep I was unable to reach the community server since yesterday lunchtime, until this morning at about 10. Now back (obviously). Only tried with my iphone, but two different browsers (Mercury and Safari) and nothing doing. Main TWS site unaffected.

I’ve been fine on Chromebook and Android phone, dunno if the OS is relevant?

Hi @laura, give me a half hour and ill post some of them, I took a couple of pics but I need to make sure I didn’t delete them already, there was one error 500 and another…

My laptop won’t connect but my phone will. I had assumed that was because I was remoting into work and they had blocked it

It remains very slow, with long worrying waits when I click on a new message.

The IT team is looking into it - apologies everyone for the issues! I think it might be because we’ve had such a huge influx of lovely new members all at once, so hopefully we can do something to make things a bit faster.

Had a couple of errors during last Thursday’s mega taste, but I just put that down to volume of traffic and it hasn’t happened since.

Yes, me too - it kept giving me an error message when I ‘liked’ a post, but then when I clicked a second time it worked. I haven’t had any errors since then, so I’m concerned to hear others have.

Problem for a couple of hours yesterday afternoon, community site wouldn’t load at all, but fine since.

Good news! We’ve had a response from our hosting providers (the people who keep this Community up and running for us) and they’re aware of the issue and things are on the mend.

The issue was actually solved yesterday, and any ongoing problems have been a sort of ‘aftershock’ as everyone’s systems catch up, but this should be ironed out very soon.

In the meantime, I’m told that most of the time, switching to another device or network will help.

Let me know if you continue to have any problems - and please never hesitate to report any error messages so I can get this looked into for you.


@laura - Iv’e not been able to access the community over the last couple of days. Access to main site was fine, so I assume the community is elsewhere, on separate servers.

I tried to trace the route to the community servers, but couldn’t get an IP address, so had assumed that there was either a fault with your community servers DNS servers, or a router on the way to them.

No, it definitely isn’t updating reliably. Sometimes it does and sometimes it doesn’t.

Is it possible for a Member to set up a new Topic on this site? If so, how?
Thank you.