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Anyone ever tried wine from Malta?


… I hadn’t.

Until Saturday, when my sister-in-law brought some back from her holiday. We tried a syrah, a merlot and a chardonnay. She didn’t say how much they cost so I can’t make a value judgement, but to be completely frank I wasn’t a fan.

The chardonnay was crisp but a bit rough around the edges, and the syrah was rich and fruity but a little confected. The merlot had some gentle fruity spice but was a bit blah.

Should I be put off Maltese wine for life or are there good examples out there that I’m missing? I’m guessing at least a few of you will have visited/tried the wines at some point! :smiley:


Yes, I tasted ewhen I was there, including a couple from indigenous varieties.

One must take care when buying as much ‘Maltese’ wine is made on the island from Italian grown grapes.

I visited Marsovin winery and found their reds from the Cabs delightful


What Peter says, it’s a long time since I was there but it was then a bit like Cyprus, one or two large wineries dominated the sales so little else got a look in, though from memory there were a couple of reds that were more than passable.
Cyprus has a few good wineries in the shadow of the Trudos Mts but again the likes of Keo and Sodap dominate but my sources tell me, a friend who has a holiday home there, that the boutique wineries are on the up and quite good, I know that is not Malta but for what it is worth I threw it in.


I visited Malta many years ago on a university field course, and being students, we felt obliged to sample the wine…

My recollection is of some fairly oxidated or heavy white wines, but one or two fresher passable local ones. The reds varied from pleasantly rustic to seriously rough…we had a competition to see who could get the cheapest bottle of wine, unfortunately the winner had to drink it!

I am sure that they have come on since then. However, it’s a small and densely populated island, so probably a bit limited in terms of production hence the importing of Italian grapes I suspect.