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Anyone else not like Champagne?


I guess if you don’t like fizz, you don’t like fizz. But in terms of value, I find the trick is to buy well in advance at the best price, and as others have said, cellar it for a couple of years. to my palate it makes a real difference to the complexity of flavour. As for the best price, if it’s a Grande Marque, supermarkets will sometimes combine general deals with product specific discounts.

For example, I quite like Bollinger and Nyetimber NV.
But I don’t like them (or think they are vfm) at £45 and £36 RRP respectively.

However, I’m currently picking up single bottles of Nyetimber for £18, and the Bolly at £25.50, by taking advantage of 25% off at Waitrose, combined with £8 off when you spend £40. In other words, you can get a bottle plus a small basket of groceries for £40, and the whole lot comes down to £32. Bargain.

Similarly, Tesco have had Taittinger and Veuve at something like £22 in the run up to Christmas for the last 3 or 4 years, by discounting them individually and then including them in a further 25% off a mixed six. Buy then, drink two years later. And with some bottle age, at the reduced prices, I do think the quality is similar to what you would get if you paid that for a still wine.

And TWS? Watch out for the extra deals that come up twice a year or so on the Society’s NV. I’ve picked up 6 for something like £17-20/bottle several times in recent years, which is pretty good if you consider the current single bottle price of £33. Or when they do it from time to time (and not at the moment), a bin-ended Christmas mixed six pack of Grandes Marques, although how much of a deal that is depends a bit which producers they’ve included in any given year.


Talking of TWS deals on Champagne, this arrived yesterday…

Boizel always make some of the most precise, elegant and expressive Champagnes I try each year. So I am delighted that we can offer you their wines at such keen prices for our first instalment of The Champagne Edit in 2019.

Stock up and save!

Thanks to the Boizels’ support, you can save £57 per six-bottle case on their refined non-vintage Brut and £75 on their delicious rosé Champagne until 17th February, 2019 . Those savings look even better when you know that prices for both wines will be going up a further £3 for our Spring List from 14th February.

Boizel is an old favourite here at The Wine Society. The house remains family owned and the latest generation, brothers Florent and Lionel Roques-Boizel, have invested heavily renovating the cellars and winery so that they’re spotless and beautiful, and the perfect space for making the very precise, elegant wines that represent their house style.

Do take advantage while you can!

Sarah Knowles MW
Sarah Knowles MW
Your Buyer for Champagne

Boizel Brut Réserve NV

The perfect celebration Champagne: generous and fruity, while maintaining an effortless lightness of touch, this pinot noir-dominant blend has an irresistible touch of brioche on the palate, rounding out the flavour beautifully.

Buy for just £135 per six

Equivalent to £22.50 per bottle
(List price £32 but will be £35 from 14th February)

Boizel Rosé Brut NV
SAVE £75 PER six

Boizel’s rosé is special: all delicacy and lightness of touch. The secret to this delicious fizz is the addition of red wine from ripe pinot noir grapes to the final blend. A lovely fizz that will complement anything from cold roast beef to summer fruits!

Buy for just £159 per six

Equivalent to £26.92 per bottle
(List price £39 but will be £42 from 14th February)


It doesn’t do much for me either . However I like it mixed with Cassis. A small amount of Cassis in the glass and topped up with Champgne.


Kir Royale

(After Felix Kir, priest, WWII resistance fighter and later Mayor of Dijon who popularised a drink of the unpopular sharp white Burgundy Aligote wine with Cassis, made by Burgundian blackcurrant growers; drink later named the Kir)


I have a fondness for a Kir every so often :slightly_smiling_face:


Indeed. My other half has a fondness for it as well, though to my taste it works just as well when made with any other dry sparkler such as a crémant - no minor observation given the cost of champagne these days.

Yapp’s (the wine merchant) used to promote an equivalent sort of drink, but made with Creme de Myrtilles rather than Cassis. They jokingly called it “Myr” (they are based in Mere, Wilts.)


Also works very well with Creme de Mure (blackberry) or Sloe Gin, though the latter makes it quite pokey :grinning:


Cremant with crème de pêche is my personal first drink of spring :ok_hand:though Kir Royal is just as good.


I agree. Though I am querulous as to whether that would be really entitled to the appellation ‘Royale’.

Regarding cost, if one was to pollute the real thing one should use the cheapest and at £9.99 Lidl’s Champagne is on a par cost-wise with Cava and Cremant.


Sounds akin to the Bellini - Prosecco and white peach puree, invented by the owner of Harry’s Bar in Venice and named after the pink colours used by the painter Bellini, if memory serves correct.

(I can’t remember what I was doing last week, but these pointless odds and ends are lodged in the cranium.)


Exactement! :+1::heart_eyes:


The Boizel was on offer just before xmas too, something like 155 for 12 halves - which I’ve shoved in reserves for at least a year on the back of other comments here about aging NV a bit.
My general view on fizz is that I have champagne tastes with a beer budget :robot:


It was indeed and I also bought 6 bottles for Christmas consumption/gifts. Interestingly the disgorgement date on those bottles was December 2017, so they have already spent a while maturing since. The 75cl bottles are drinking very well now, and I’m sorely tempted to add some more before the offer closes. Boizel is a style I very much enjoy, particularly at ~£20!!


Good to know I’m not the only one! :laughing:


You’re forgiven @Herbster, children render your recall memory akin to early onset Alzheimer’s! :see_no_evil:


I’m a broken man :dizzy_face: