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Anyone else consumed more Rose this year?


Hi all,

Just a quick question to everyone, with the summer being really quite hot I have found that for the first time in a fair few years I have actively gone for a rose. I have actually thought - hmm I fancy a rose right now rather than a white or a red.

I am not entirely sure why Rose isn’t drunk more as its a great halfway house between a white and a red - the freshness of a white but with the fruit of a red - Its also really food friendly. I guess the flip side is that its quite hard to find a decent rose, so perhaps rose isn’t drunk more as not everyone has found a good reliable producer.

Just wondering if anyone else consumed rose has increased this year vs others - just something that dawned on me, even though previous years have been hot I have only really gone after rose this year.


About the same as usual to be honest, @M1tch. But I’m probably not typical.

To be fair, I find a lot of rosés tend towards a sort of generic rosé character, rather than say much about where they come from or what they are made from, and I tend to gravitate towards the latter. Of those that I do buy, rosés from Bandol, Les Riceys and Rioja come to mind though there are no doubt plenty of others, such as the one I had yesterday and reported on in the midweek drinking thread.

Though maybe it’s also because I drink wine with food, rather than on its own. But I’m just musing here.


I bought 12 bottles of Whispering Angel this year to see us through the summer. My wife does enjoy rose and I thought if we’re going to be drinking rose we may as well get something that I’ll enjoy too.

Whilst the Whispering Angel brand is now huge it really is an excellent rose and thoroughly enjoyable when the sun is out. I can almost close my eyes and imagine myself on the plage in the French Riviera.


I have drank a lot more rose due to the heat. Was really impressed with the duo des plages from TWS taste so have had this on repeat order. Have also drank the society’s rose and an Italian one too.
It’s generally too cold up here for rose!


I have without a doubt dabbled in the rosé quite a bit more this summer. Tried a few different Tavels which to be fair is good in the winter too. But because the weather was so hot especially whilst being away, I just gravitated towards it. I’ve probably purchased too much Marsannay rosé but no doubt I’ll get through it by next summer in time to re-stock. Found some lovely ventoux rosés, bandol and one in particular I loved from Chinon. Mr Leah has gotten quite into rosé over the summer too and purchased some of the Bernard series from Majestic, cant comment on what it’s like yet as haven’t tried it but will let you know.:blush:


Impossible, surely?!

Have to admit I’m not a great rosé drinker but I have indeed got stuck into a fair bit more than I normally would in the recent heat. This fellow featured a fair amount…

…but my favourite by far this summer has been the 2015 vintage of Apostolos Thymiopoulos’s pink xinomavro - a wine that really did, to embellish @Ghost-of-Mr-Tallis, say a lot about what it was made from and where it came from. Crossing all crossables that we might get another vintage in (coughs, @Freddy, flutters eyelashes, coughs :joy:)


Lots more !!! Mainly because of the hot weather here in UK…If the weather is hot enough for me to take to the shade only Provençal or Rhone Rose will do.
As for accompanying food I have always like Tavel or a heavyish Costieres de Nimes with a medium strength curry or Cajun dish.
I spent eight days in the Maconnais with 13 adults (including 3 members of TWS) and we drank 37 bottles of rose + X slabs of Kronenbourg and lots of Rhone and Beaujolais…the first night was like a combined hen and stag night !! :innocent::wine_glass::sunglasses:

No we didn’t have any strippers, or hanky panky !!! Well I didn’t :roll_eyes:


It is! I’d forgotten that one. Worse still, I used to buy it reasonably regularly, but haven’t bought any for ages. No reason at all really. Must get some more.


Slightly more pinks than in the past, eat a lot of food that goes well with rose in the summer.

We have enjoyed a couple of these, very good value indeed! Agree on the Xinomavro rose (there all too briefly)

This was also excellent very serious and concentrated for a pink!:


I’ve drunk the same amount of rose this year as I did last year and every year since I was in Provence a long time ago.

Namely zero.

Apart from its attractive looks I just can’t see the point. It’s neither one thing nor t’other.


Same amount this year for me - with the only difference this year being the other half learning to appreciate it more and more- I think it was Maby’s Tavel that converted him!
It’s a shame that it is still considered in some quarters as a ‘girls’ drink’ - even in this day and age. For me, it’s an all-year-round drink, as it’s often such a good food wine. Main preferences are- Spanish Navarra rosado, Costières de Nîmes, Tavel, German Spätburgunder rosés, and - most recent discovery, though not cheap- Bandol.


The Bandol rosés made from mourvedre are amongst the (relatively) few that can be laid down to mature with confidence.


Chacun à son Gôut, mon frère. It’s been great to feel like the South of France this year, even though I only got a few days in Nice. Strawberries and cream Provençal rosé - what could be more English for a hot summers day!


This was a great rosé, particularly good for red wine drinkers I think as it has a nice spicyness and complexity. Hoping it comes back in to stock :slightly_smiling_face:


You’re not alone here. I have spent many an afternoon / evening quaffing Rose with my neighbour - we now refer to it as a Brose.

Thanks to WineSoc I pretty much went around the globe trying different Rose wines, and for the first time ever I even invested in a mixed Rose case.

I have to admit this (unexpected) NZ Rose was the pick of 2018 for me. That said, looking at the weather forecast, it looks like there will be a few weeks left yet to challenge this :sun_with_face::+1:


This reminds me - we really enjoyed this one (also more on the savoury/spicy side):

Unfortunately, it’s no longer available. I also really had my heart set on the Umathum Zweigelt rose, but it was sold out pretty quickly… Hope they stock the next vintage :pray:


My fav pink so far…


but to be honest I ve so many different roses in the last fortnight, I was unable to spot one that allegedly cost €1.99 :thinking:


I have indeed drunk more rose than last year. One glass at the local on a hot day when their whites consist of Sauvignon Blanc and Pinot Grigio, two of each by the glass. No wonder I’m not a regular.

That makes an infinite increase in last years rose consumption.Don’t think I’ll be a regular at the local or a regular rose drinker, but when the needs must.


The hot weather has been absent here for some weeks now, muggy drizzle today. Have had a couple of bottles of the WS Corsican Rose, which was ok, though I think better in previous vintages. Got a bottle of Navarra Rose from M&S with paella tonight…


@Leah @Ghost-of-Mr-Tallis I adore Tavel rosé. Domaine de la Mordoree’s La Reine des Bois a particular favourite. So much more interesting and complex than your average rosé.

And this one of course: