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Anyone been offered cheap sweeties?


I shall repeat word-for-word what I recently posted on a WhatApp group - but without any mention of insurance fraud :slight_smile:

“1806 Chateau d’Yquem, bought at auction for €12,000, but was offered at the restaurant for €350,000”. That is one heck of a mark up. Probably shot too.

And the restaurant owner said “They will not be able to sell this wine for a million euros”. I should think not, considering it was bought legit for 12k. Bet the restaurant couldn’t sell it for 350k either.

Also “More than a robbery, it is as if they had forced us, gagged us and beaten us. We feel immense sadness. The worst thing is that they have not stolen money, not even objects, they have ripped apart our history from our hearts." HTF is a 200yo French wine bought at auction part of the Spanish restaurant’s history?