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Any views on Franciacorta?


Have enjoyed in the past & I understand it outsells Prosecco in Italy but Doesn’t appear on TWS list. Any special reason?


Ah, the million-bubble question :slight_smile:

You may not be surprised to know that this has come up before, and no, there is no specific reason, other than it is one of MANY styles of sparkling wine that aren’t on the list at this time.

There are many hurdles to overcome to get on the list, including availability, demand, volume, value, etc. … but there are a vocal number of fans (including me) keeping this ‘fiamma’ alive

p.s. I don’t think it is true it outsells Prosecco (the latter is made in many times the volume) - though it may be generally more highly regarded.


Franciacorta, is basically Italy’s answer to Champagne (made from the usual Champagne grapes) at near to Champagne prices, the quality is very good. Prosecco is a lot cheaper to make and very fashionable, if often of poor or at least unexceptional quality.


almost! to be pedantic, it allows Chardonnay and Pinot Noir, but instead of Pinot Meunier they use Pinot Bianco / Blanc which is important in the easier-drinking Saten style

… but yes, they model themselves on Champagne and are aiming for the higher end of the market and they tend to age on lees for an extended time. The combination of small area, limited number of producers, extended ageing and high-end target means that the prices are high, so finding value (once you add costs of distribution and UK duty) make it harder to market in the UK.


I think this fits in well with this thread on sparkling wine diversity on the TWS list.

Notable exclusions are Franciacorta, Sekt, Cremant de Bougogne, Cremant de Jura, (might I says Hungarian Furmint and Harslevelu pezsgo … probably not) and Saint Saturni d’Anoia (Raventos i Blanc anyone?)

Incidentally my New Year’s Eve fizz in 2017 was a Franciacorta from Bonhommi that I picked up at my local shop. It was good, but I had an issue with the bubbles disappearing relatively fast.


Think that they had some Jura Cremant recently and yes of course no Meunier as far as I know in Franciacorta.


I think that Franciacorta suffers because of it often being termed the Italian version of champagne. The fermentation method and the grapes are usually quoted as being the justification for the comparison. I wonder if punters are disappointed when they find it lighter and, in some cases, not as rich. It is a different drink with its own attributes?


LIDL had a job lot a few Xmases ago which they were selling cheaply and was my introduction. Tannico also have a long list and have bought from them. I’m pleased to see the interest expressed.


Tried the Tesco Franciacorta last night. Pretty good and miles better than prosecco.


Who was that made by?


It’s Castel Faglia, Robert. Good flavours - blend of Chardonnay, Pinot Blanc. High acidity, some subtle yeast notes. Definitely dry. Fresh. £15.