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Any tips for Sardinia?

Thinking wine, but hey… :smiley:

Particularly a lighter style of red than the typical Cannonau or Carignano. It’s going to be hot and will be staying at a B&B inland in the north, where we won’t have a fridge.

Prices on coasts are eye-watering :scream:


Clearly not :rofl:

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Ha ha! :grinning:
I could regale you with lots of Vermentino di Gallura recommendations, but certainly not with light reds… ! Very jealous that you’re going there, though… One of my favourite places… :heartbeat:


Go on… let’s hear it for Vermentino then! i know quite a few, but always good to hear other views. And will be good for restaurant dinners if not for picnics.

On the red front, i have hopes for Cagnulari. And a new wave of more summer-friendly Cannonaus!

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We went a decade ago, for a brief weekend, but only to the Northern bit. On the East side, Orosei was nice, as I recall. We rented a boat and visited quite a few beautiful beaches, accessible only by boat. We only spent a day travelling back to Alghero, on the West coast. There didn’t seem to be many beaches but both Alghero and Bosa were lovely towns, with the former having a particularly lovely old town. We didn’t visit the Costa Smeralda, which looks stunning but also has stunning prices, as in exorbitant.

English wasn’t widely spoken and although I studied Latin and speak French fairly fluently, I was completely lost with the local language.

I would recommend a day trip to Bonifacio, in Corsica, from Santa Teresa Gallura, if you have time. It’s a stunning town and only around an hour and a half by ferry. Very different from Sardinia and some excellent restaurants.

Hope that this helps a little.

Sorry, just realised that you were asking about wine. Apart from Cannonau and its supposedly life prolonging attributes, I haven’t a clue but obviously not a bad place to start.


I was there last year and didn’t find anything local and red that was vaguely light. Some of the better Cannonau producers are going for a more refined style but it’s still Grenache from a hot climate when all is said and done


Thanks, all. I have been once before, but it was a while ago (and i was a lot less picky about wine!)

Oh, I ain’t going to tell you anything you don’t already know! Might as well teach you to suck eggs… :grinning:

Siddùra ‘Beru’ probably up there as one of my favourite whites, but also liked wines from Cantina Tondini and Cantina Sociale del Vermentino. Generally prefer Vermentino di Gallura to Vermentino di Sardegna, but really like Argiolas ‘Is Argiolas Vermentino di Sardegna’. Vermentino di Gallura is one of the wines that started me on my wine journey (Alsace Pinot Gris was the other)… :grinning:

Oh, I had this quite a few months ago and it was beautiful:



The Vermentino di Gallura recommendations rather than light reds is why I didn’t say anything either.

@suiko, depending on your feelings on flor aged things, a Malvasia di Bosa is worth investigating too. Semi-oxidised and biologically aged local weirdness with a Malvasia biotype similar to the spanish ones. Giovanni Battista Columbu is the one to look out for apparently (and also the only one I’ve had).


Never came across the Beru - I’ll look out for it. No surprises the Samas was good though - I’ve had both the Punica reds and they are excellent and age brilliantly (the Montessu is the sweet spot in terms of VFM). As regards Vermentino, never had a wow wine, but many I’ve liked - maybe Cerchi Tuvoes my favourite so far? Argiolas Costasera v good too, as you say. Underwhelmed by the much vaunted Capichera. Apparently Jankara is now considered the very best.

There’s (not surprisingly!) a lot of controversy about the “Sardegna” denominations for both Vermentino and Cannonnau, often criticised as far too broad to have any meaning. i guess they made sense back in the 70s or 80s. Of course there are some very good Vermentinos sold as that which aren’t made in the Gallura area (like the Argiolas!) And don’t even mention the IGT Isola dei Nuraghi :rofl:

I did try Malvasia di Bosa in the town, but it was in a little bar and I don’t think it had ever been bottled. Seem to recall a slightly drunken afternoon ensuing. So i fear my recollection of it may have been a bit hazy, and doubt we’ll be driving that far this time, esp as my partner is (sadly, and after repeated attempts in the Cadiz area) not enamoured of flor :slightly_frowning_face:

The B&B is actually a Vermentino producer (presumably “di Sardegna” as it ain’t too near the coast!) Hoping to explore the north coast a bit.

I guess a lot of tourists probably drink wine from the mainland - wouldn’t dream of that personally :rofl: I shall make it my mission to seek out those lighter (or at least more elegant) reds :grinning: