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Any Port in a Storm


Rather belated return to this…

We were pretty impressed with the Cava. Had a lovely almond biscuit texture along with the apple notes. Good value.

Of the whites TWS Exhibition Gewürztraminer was the clear favourite. Beautifully rounded, rich, stone fruit and floral notes. Incredibly smooth and easy to drink.

We decanted the Crozes-Hermitage early doors based on @Taffy-on-Tour ‘s comments. Another stunning value wine. Couldn’t describe it any better than our own Mr Rhône has elsewhere!

The Dow’s crusted port also outstanding. Cork disintegrated as @Kent_wino also mentioned somewhere on here. We decanted a good 8-10 hours in advance and found it was drinking wonderfully. Sweet fruit, chocolate, tobacco and no noticeable alcohol edge to the palate at all. No obvious mad rush to drink it.

Overall a great weekend with old friends.

Weekend drinking thread [16-18 Nov 2018]

hi Adrian, glad the crusted went down well.
we had a port tasting this week at my wine club, the Grahams crusted went down very well. Generally agreed crusted style offers best value for money. am told Sainsbury have Grahams crusted at £15, but shelf was empty in my local branch.


If I were you, then I would keep an eye out for some single quinta wines from top houses which often crop up in the major supermarkets this time of year.
I have “found” Graham’s Malvedos, Taylor’s Vargelas & Fonseca Guimarens amongst others in recent times.
These days around £25(ish) a bottle but one can be surprised.
The Saturday or Sunday papers can be a good source of info when they publish their Christmas wines recommendations. And if your budget allows, hoover up all that you can for the next few Christmas’s, whilst not succumbing to a mid year temptation.


Cannot disagree. In my view the best port at our tasting, which I preferred to the more complex 20 year old tawny, was a single Warre’s Quinta da Cavadinha 2004. But imho crusted provides the best value for money, particularly, as you say, at Christmas.
Sainsbury’s have the Quinta da Malvedos at £23
Though typically for a supermarket, no vintage is shown on the web page. Possibly 2004


Tescos had the Grahams Malvedos on offer at £20, bargain…nothing else worth buying but they did have the Grahams.


I have tried the Graham’s Malvedos from a number of vintages.
A little sweet for my palate but nonetheless really terrific on it’s day!!
£20 seems like a real bargain, I will take a look, Thank you. :grinning::wink:
Just checked, it is in my local Tesco so will order some.
For those who like port but have never had a TOP END Single Quinta Port, you have a real treat in store. NOTE, this offer ends on the 3rd of December, so get ordering!!



Just ordered 2 bottles of the Malvedos Port for delivery tomorrow.
Cost of delivery £1!!
No brainer.


Hope you don’t mind - but I split this discussion about Port from the previous weekend drinking thread, so it doesn’t get lost. :slight_smile: