Any port drinkers?

That is interesting! I’ll try to leave the one or two I have left for a while longer

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The Tesco 94 is still going, and been kept in the fridge… apparently that helps wine last longer. But anyway, being colder does bring out a freshness that wasn’t there when at room temp. At first I thought chilling VP was a definite no, but now I’m persuaded otherwise - worth trying to see if it works for you.

My French in-laws (and indeed wherever I have had Port in France) always served it chilled as an apéritif. And mostly Tawny, sometimes Ruby with melon. After dinner vintage port seems to be a uniquely British thing ?

But I guess France has VDN instead: Banyuls, Maury etc. but they would be a whole new thread.

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I’m probably repeating myself but I think cool, rather than chilled is the best temperature for vintage port, it is certainly much better than the almost warm port you often get at Christmas, it falls apart and never comes back if you get it too warm.

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Hopefully port doesn’t have the same old stuffy image as it used to