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Any port drinkers?

Is there any word on 2020 EP port offer ?
Just seen some being offered by other merchants but would rather give wine society my business

@tdmvet Hi David, I have asked our EP and there aren’t any plans currently!


After some advice on a port to buy for someone’s 60th birthday. With Waitrose’s offer on was going to get one from there. Checking my local store they had these two vintage ports in stock that I liked the look of.
Warre's Quinta da Cavadinha Port Port - Waitrose Cellar The vintage of this was 2006.
Kopke Colheita Vintage Port Port - Waitrose Cellar
Of these two what would people recommend?

I had a bottle of the 2001 Cavadinha recently - very good and very true to the Warre style - a scaled down version of the main wine. Not tried the 2006 but I don’t think Warre know how to make a bad wine. I’ve not tried a Kopke Colheita - but it will be more akin to a tawny style than vintage port. Colheita wines are a single harvest but bottled after much longer in barrel.

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I had a bottle of the Warre’s '06, Christmas 2020. ‘Lots of black fruit, decent length, good balance, exceptional VFM’. Scored it 4/5. I’d definitely get more especially if on offer.

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Colheitas are single vintage tawneys.

That’s really confusing and unhelpful labelling by Waitrose. The Kopke is a colheita, which as Espen has noted is a single vintage tawny, and not a vintage port. As far as I know, ‘colheita vintage port’ is not a description that should ever be attached to any form of port, in all its various and occasionally bewildering manifestations.

To answer your question @Tomh, the two will be completely different, reflecting the entirely different way they’ve been aged and bottled.

Apologies for the late reply.

They are very different drinks, so very much depends on your friends tastes.

Personally, I’d go for the Colheita tawny - 1999 so that’s 23 y/o to develop all manner of complexity. Very versatile & can be drank before, during or after a meal. Will keep a bit longer once opened.

The Vintage 2006 is 16 y/o and a ‘quinta’ so not the top flight. Will be less complex, and really for after dinner only or cheese course. Needs drinking within 2 or 3 days once open.

But… as others say, horses for courses.


The useful age of the colheita is to be checked against the year of bottling…

Note: oxidative ports (like ruby, tawny, colheita, etc…) do not benefit from ageing in bottle


Port is a very interesting wine, I think that the single quintas offer both individuality and value over the “declared” vintages… eg I’ve a handful of 1987s that I’m in a bind of whether to open… that dilemma of when is just right. Just wondering if anyone has tried the Exhibition 1980? Seems a touch overpriced, however I’m rather low stocked on 1980s ports.
+1 about Colheita age- do check the bottling date against the vintage date

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I’m a bit curious as to where you can find a 1980 port at a lower price retail than £62 a bottle.

Edit: I’ve just re-read that and it comes off a bit snooty, Not my intention, but really are there 1980 ports around that price point? I’d love to know. The 1987s are supposed to be very good, and rare. I’m just trying to think if I’ve ever had one. The should be alright to keep or drink, depending on personal taste of course.

No offence taken. I guess not- there doesn’t seem to be too much around at that price as you say, esp as I’ve been able to get 83 for quite a bit less. My brain takes a while to get used to inflation! Might get some if only because I don’t think I’ve a 1980 before

You can read all about the vintages in this “free-to-read” web site written by the leading wine writer on Port and Madeira here:


Thanks for posting the link it was very interesting, I like and trust Richard’s writing, I think he is especially strong on Madeira.

I disagree with him on a few things, he seems to have a bit of a downer on the 85 vintage which if variable has produced a lot of affordable wines and a few great ones. And his view of the 1980 Warre as ‘open and attractive for drinking now’ isn’t my experience of it. And I guess I never found an 83 that I could ever really love.

If there is a port bargain around, Sainsburys is the place to go


Rivesaltes, not port. Looking forward to arrival of a bottle tomorrow, for a mere £21 ! Reviewed very favourably by our own @Herbster

Rivesaltes Ambré, Domaine de Rancy 1998 50cl


Have you opened it yet?

It arrived this morning as part of a mixed dozen - being a tidy chap I consigned them to the (rather full) wine rack. Come this evening I couldnt remember exactly where it was in the rack!

So it’s still there… will do a rummage tomorrow and get it open. Might even contrive some kind of cheese / desert thing to go with it. I see TWS suggest Christmas pudding to accompany ! does anybody have any better suggestions?

Xmas pud doesn’t have to be eaten at Xmas :wink:


I’ll be honest, whilst it goes well with those denser style desserts, a bit like Madeira, I think Rivesaltes is best drunk alone. Or maybe with some nibbles (nuts, olives, a piece of dark chocolate?).

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