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Any close to McManis petite Syrah


I’m a huge fan of McManis’ petite syrah! For it’s full bodied and huge fruit flavour with lower tanin levels than most French wines. I buy at least 2 bottles every time I order. I am struggling to find anything that is on a par with it even though I try at least 10 new wines when I order. Can anyone out there help please?


Petite Sarah, I think I know her!!!

Joking aside I really like the wine. Spicy and rich, uncomplicated fun.


Oops… auto correct nonsense.


This one?

I’ve actually never tried it, but I’m hearing more and more about Petite Sirah (a friend in the US runs a group called “PS, I love you!” so I should do better)

What do you drink it with? The only recommendation is a rich and hearty roast beef and I fear it will be too full-bodied to drink with many other things.


I did try this wine and remember it was good… I think it will go well with more than just roast beef


Its good with a lamb/goat stafado. But to be honest, I can drink this on it’s own it’s just THAT good. It’s a wine I would recommend to anyone.


Laithwaite’s has a mixed Shiraz/Durif (alias PS) under the name The Black Stump. Very black and intense and, to me, reminiscent of the McManus.


I haven’t tried this yet but interested to see what it’s like …! I’ve had it only a couple months , has anyone tried this Bogle vineyards one yet ??


I think you might enjoy Italian ripasso and amarone wines given the description of the PS. We enjoyed a tasting of these wines last week and a couple of lovely examples came from TWS.

And if you want to try this style without spending too much try this for very easy drinking


I’m not personally sure about the Ripasso comparison. They made using dried grapes and should all have a raisin/prune edge. Very good wines, but I’d suggest either a Syrah from South Africa, maybe Radford’s but you’ll have top wait for new vintage](

or the chocolate block.


This one from Majestic is excellent in spite of the HIDEOUS label.
However in a home amateur blind tasting between this and the McManis we couldn’t put a fag paper between them and the McManis is significantly cheaper!


I also liked the Suite Petite,… true the label is unique as I mentioned here Innovation chat