Any chess players on here?

however in this case I know exactly what happened… I was well beaten by @Herbster yesterday

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World order restored.

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I’ve been working my way up some of the computer opponents, and it seemed so gradual, but now I’ve suddenly reached one who just whips me every time, like a huge leap up in difficulty. That, or I got lucky with the ones just below it and I was never really at that level…

Which one out of interest?

Isabel. She’s killing me. I need to go down a bot or two but I’m too damn stubborn. Managed a couple of draws among all the thrashings but that’s all…

I am stuck considerably lower than that - 1300, I can’t beat consistently

That’s probably around about where I should be - at most. I think I fluked a couple of those bots first time and moved myself straight up instead of sticking around to see if I belonged there.

Isn’t it more fun playing other humans rather than bots?

I’m usually on Lichess, just signed up for so maybe see you on there later.

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It is! But that doesn’t stop them reeling me in with curiosity: ooh, which one can I beat? etc… :thinking:

more fun yes, but for some of us more stressful

Unless you suffer the indignity of being beaten by Clippy.


I’ve been warming up with the bots, primarily to try and remember how to play! Also, they work flexible hours which is handy….

Looking forward to a live game soon though.


One thing I’ve discovered is that during the 30-year gap in my playing, I’ve forgotten all the standard opening moves and countermoves (not that I knew that many anyway), so I’m trying to reinvent the wheel every time I start a new game. Probably another reason why the bots are schooling me.


Likewise. I love it when the bot says something like, “let’s play the Sicilian” and I adopt the Homer Simpson look.


It’s probably also the reason why I seem to make a beeline for the middle game, exchanging as many pieces as possible - a cluttered board makes me nervous. Trouble is, I do a big series of swaps, then it takes me a couple of turns to realise that I’m actually somehow a bishop down… :grimacing:

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I use the SocialChess app. I have Lichess too, so could use that.

Up for a game.

Also up for a social chess meetup - used to go to one in a pub a number of years back.

Has anyone else tried the option where the site finds you a random human from anywhere for a quick, 10-minute game? I like the way it’s one-off and chat is disabled - you play them and that’s the total sum of your interaction.

Yeah, I usually play humans on 3+2, after a few games you get a grading so it matches you against similar strength people in future

Yeah, that’s what best suits me. Too restless for anything longer, too slow for anything faster. Although 3 minute blitz is always fun until suddenly my time runs out.

I think it’s interesting how you can tell you’re playing a human and not a bot - little things like the longer thinking time when you know you’ve put them on the spot … which goes both ways of course.

You can also guess which ones are the over-cocky 12 year-olds - I remember them well from the school chess days - when they try the old four-move-checkmate trick on you. Then when you counter it, all they’re left with is a vulnerably exposed queen and undeveloped pieces.

PS @Aspedini - I think this is the first time I’ve ever gone 20 moves without a single pawn leaving the board…! :laughing: