Any chess players on here?

Any chess players on here? I kind of started playing a bit in September last year, still pretty bad at it. Could set up a club on or something.


I play a bit on Would be up for joining a club or giving you a game.


I have the same alias as here, happy to have a game.

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Used to play a bit in my youth, it’s been a while but yeah, I’d be up for a game or two.


Likewise I used to play for the school team… until I realised that I REALLY wasnt clever enough. It’s good to know one’s limitations.


That’s like me and my guitar! :rofl:

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That would be fun. Like several others, I was ok a few decades ago but quite rusty now….

Okay, I’ve joined, had to put a ‘The’ in front of my community username as Herbster was already taken. Had a few games against the computer and I’m as hit & miss as ever…!

Szaki gave me a humbling defeat this afternoon, and I’m still outraged.


I’m on too now - Aspedini.

I still don’t know how that happened.

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I think you played very well

I’m still trying to work out the interface - there’s a ton of stuff on that website.

I think it is going pretty well for you. :rofl:

My 7 year old is a bit of an eagle at chess… maybe I’ll sign him up :sweat_smile:. Queens Gambit anyone?

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Also playing (badly) on, mostly daily games. Username is DrDave88 if anyone fancies a game

I also play on, same name as here - Mikerj.

I created a club - TWS Community Boards - Chess Club -


I play on
My user is bach2front77
I currently just play the same friend over and over again, so would welcome some fresh blood.