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Another one bites the dust



Hardly surprising it has been dire for some time, ever since the Tesco “crash” when they started to cut back on new stores lines staff and anything else to get back into profit.
The odd thing is Tesco wine by the case up till then had been an expanding side of their business had some very good wines and even started selling Crus class wines.
Don’t know if there will be any bargains before the closing date, there were bargains when they ran down the fine wines, but that was unannounced, Sainsburys when they stopped wine by the case made no announcement and there were bargains there to pick up, but Tescos, I doubt it, most of what they have you wouldn’t want at any price they really have fallen by the wayside in this area.


I did notice that they closed Tesco direct a couple of months back, seem to be a restructure/cull currently in progress!


I would expect a few bargains…I’ve had many bin ends from store and web over the years


There’s s few interesting looking ones but I don’t know enough to know if they’re really good deals. There were a few that might interest me (sorry I can’t seem to get their links to work right here) but reviews didn’t seem to promising:

Ch Le Vieux Fort Cru Bourgeois 2013 - £30 for 6. Oddbins (no stock) have it listed as £14.50 per bottle (but it IS 2013 though).

Domaine des Fournaches Bourgogne Hautes Cotes de Nuits 2015 £36 for 6. Could only find a French site offering for €12.45 per bottle.

Nero D’Avola Marchese Montefusco 2016 £30 for 6. Elsewhere seemed to be around £8 per bottle.


Tesco are launching a discounter called ‘Jack’s’ as a competitor to Aldi and Lidl. May be worth watching for a potential wine area…but I doubt it given their current store record!


Well the last time they tried that it was a failure…


The first store they are opening is the one they mothballed three years ago in Chatteris Cambs, for anyone who has been to Chatteris as I have, they will know that the whole town should have been mothballed.


Yes but it’s only half the store, the other half is leased to ? pound Stretcher.
March is already mothballed!!


I shall not reveal the reason March was not mentioned it was the destination for awhile long ago that took me through Chatteris, sadly many of the Fen towns are the sought of places that create deep depression, and if that offends someone I really don’t care, I had to suffer visiting the area for reasons out of my control.


Was there recently visiting daughter. We found a good restaurant in March with an acceptable wine list. However I fear that with a mostly empty Thursday night, it may not survive.
I moved from the fens 14 years ago, so claim some knowledge.