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Announcing ....🙈


Well it’s here … finally ! What we’ve all been waiting with baited breath for :
BLUE wine has at last been launched ! I’d get your orders in quick mind, looks like there will be a run on the stuff :see_no_evil::see_no_evil::see_no_evil:

(What’s even more dramatic is the excited comments on it :nauseated_face::nauseated_face:)…
EDIT: I’m also wondering why this advert has appeared on my fb … :thinking::thinking:


Words fail me!
An overpriced marketing device to sell a fizzy blue cocktail for around £15/ bottle.
I am sure that it will have it’s day in the sun, but in 3 years Blu-what!!:wink::butterfly:
Now that should start a debate off!:grinning:


I’d buy a bottle but only when Everton win the Premiership, F A cup and Champions league treble😁


It is 7% alcohol and a mixture of Prosecco/glera and blue curacao … mmm yum :rofl:…! I’ll give it a miss thanks. There’s an interesting article in the drinks business about it …


looks remarkably similar to


As an Everton fan, I’d say your money is safe for a while…


That makes me want to


Oh but look… They also do a “Grapefruit Pinot Grigio” :hear_no_evil:


I think I’ll stick with Toilet Duck, thanks.



I think they are trying to get rid of some old Bordeaux Mixture !!!


I was thinking antifreeze myself…


Nick, I am a red. Glad I didn’t make the same statement about my team. How many years has it been now. However think of the money I’d have saved.


I bought a case of this ep through another merchant.