Announcement: Stevenage HQ & Showroom currently closed

Hi all,

Quick announcement:

We’re very sorry, but due to a broken water supply we’re having to close The Society’s Showroom and our Stevenage HQ until further notice. You can still place orders on the website but Member Services is closed until the water supply is restored. Hopefully we’ll be back very soon!

Terribly sorry about this everyone, but we’ll keep you updated!

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Is that the opposite of a wash-out? A dry-out?
Sorry, couldn’t help it!

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Lucky me, just chatted to Member Services 10 minutes ago…

And me!! :smile:

Excellent timing! :smiley: Hopefully we’ll be back tomorrow…

Any excuse to hit the leftover Viña Pedrosa, eh? :sunglasses:



An old fashioned Monday lock-in … any excuse :rofl::rofl:


I wonder if it might have anything to do with the proximity of the ‘water closets’ to the tasting room?

Sorry… I’ll see myself out…

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All that Ribera must have blocked the drains.

I do apologise…


Taking after Jesus, perhaps, by turning water into wine…? :wine_glass:

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Wow, that is an impressive tasting. I love Pedrosa - one of my favourite Ribera wines. Amazing. Even the crianza is amazing.

FYI We’re now back to normal!
Unfortunately there was a fire yesterday in a block of flats in the town centre and apparently in putting it out they inadvertantly burst a water main which wiped out the water supply to the surrounding area.