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Anniversary wine advice



I need your help and suggestions, please.

My wife and I just celebrated our 21st anniversary (yay!) and in some past years I was able to find some wines from the relevant year (1996) to celebrate with - no such luck this time. As that year recedes into distant memory, I imagine it will get harder and harder.

Looking forward to a few years hence I’d love to celebrate the 25th anniversary with friends and share some bottles from 1996, so I should probably buy them sooner than later.

What wines would you suggest are worth trying to find, buy & keep for then, and where would I look? Does anyone here have any experience of this vintage?

I do not usually “invest” in wine so I have rarely bought anything other than a case for drinking now, and rarely bought many wines that are the kind that would last 20+ years other than as single bottles, so really not sure where to turn to and I would rather have some suggestions before speaking to anyone selling the wines.

If you could only drink one wine

If only I had known … we drank our last magnum of Ch Malescot-Exupèry (3rd growth Margaux) 1996 last Christmas - could’ve done you a deal! It was absolutely superb aged 21, but will no doubt last the course to 2021. Ah well … BI currently selling for £100 a magnum IB.


Oooh, lovely! Yes, magnums would be ideal for the occasion

I will look into this - can’t say I’ve ever had this (young or old)


I attended a Taittinger-Malescot dinner in a marquee on the lawn at the château during Vinexpo 2001 - magnums of Malescot '77 and Comtes '90 - wasn’t shabby.


‘Drink by’ date of c. 2025.


Now you’re just showing off :slight_smile:


Apart from Bordeaux, I remember that TWS used to have some 1996 Moulin Touchais kicking about for £30. They are immortal!


It’s a different year but for two reasons was struck by this:

Firstly and purely selfishly it’s my birth year

But more importantly the label says it all - makes me want to buy it just to whip it out on my 50th birthday in a couple of years. Which makes me think more labels should look like this - it’s marketing but it clearly triggers some purchase impulse


It is also a very good wine.


Fantastic - it’s my parents-in-law’s golden wedding anniversary in 18 months - that’ll do nicely!


It depends how much you want to push the boat out, but 1996 is a great Champagne vintage.


Did you mean '96 or '69 - seems to be quite a big price gap between the two!


I meant 1996, unless I misunderstood the original question… I haven’t even checked 1969… that must all be still wine now :wink:


Ah ok - I was referring to the Rivesaltes mentioned above, which is 1969.


By the way the 1969 Rivesaltes is a cracking sweet wine, I had the opportunity to taste it and was very impressed


Hi Robert,

Just bought some Quinta do Vargellas 1996 ex The Four Walls Wine Company for Christmas.
This is or has been one of the Douro farms owned by Taylor Fladgate that contributes to their Taylors Vintage Port. Whilst 1996 is not a declared looks to be good. Just checked and sorry, but they are out of stock! They do have halves of Ch Guiraud 1996 @ £17.50. Do a trawl there in the search box using “1996,” quite a few candidates emerge, but be careful of the carriage charge.



From Google: Vintage Wine Gifts


A quick search on the Berry Brothers website has revealed some 52 different drinks available from 1996, including plenty of claret, pudding wine and whisky, and some champagne. Much of it is at eye-watering prices, of course, but the bottom end of the scale is a Lalande de Pomerol for £35 a bottle which seems pretty reasonable for its age.


P.S. The prices for wine In Bond are even more reasonable: A 12 bottle case of 1996 Ch. Tour St. Bonnet, Médoc is going for £180. Bargain!