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Anniversary Treat


This August is our 50th wedding anniversary and we have booked ourselves in after the party to Lympstone Manor near Exmouth in Devon for a few days.

Lo and behold I recieved an email from my cousin after he was informed of the trip that he has been involved in the setting up of the vineyard at the same establishment, he is responsible for the agronomy, we have been promised an exclusive vineyard tour when we stay, small world, I had no idea he was involved in the vineyard project there.


Congratulations to you both!

  • and best wishes for the day itself. Too early to toast your anniversary with the products from the vineyard, but no doubt the family connection will remind you of the day in future years.


Thank you, I have asked what vines have been planted.

I have to make a decision soon on which wines I keep and what I sell re my in bond cases, I am planning to keep just three cases or more likely six half cases, some is for the party as we have some serious wine drinkers coming and some is for future drinking, this is not going to be an easy choice other than those that are mature will take preference, still there are harder choices in the world to make !
I will show what I am keeping when I have made the decision, the wifes quite pleased I am selling the majority of the cases, she sees a cruise coming out of the sale, and one things for sure it wont be on the Thames.


Well after much soul searching a decision has been made as to what to keep, you can judge for yourselves what the selection came from on cellar tracker under angelcyn, all Bordeaux cases of 6 and 12 were in the mix plus any similar Barolo and a couple of Rhone goodies, there are plenty of singles twos threes on there to keep me going and the non selected will be put on sale next week.

I choose cases of six and mature wines or as near mature for more variety and to eliminate any chance of being stuck with a case of 12 I didn’t like.

1995 Domaine Jean-Louis Chave Hermitage

2005 Domaine de Chevalier

2005 Château La Conseillante

2005 Château Léoville Las Cases

2000 Château Smith Haut Lafitte

2000 Chateau Leoville Barton

2005 Château Ducru-Beaucaillou

Naturally there are some I would have liked to have added, but that would have ended up with the same as I started with and that was not the point of the exercise, what will be different is I will actually start to drink these wines instead of looking at a box or list and wondering what they might be like.
I did not choose the Barolos as quite simply from past experience I do not trust that they will be all that is expected of them.


I have received a reply and the new vineyard at Lympstone Manor is for a sparkling wine and the vineyard will be/or is planted with the classic Champagne grapes of Chardonnay, Pinot Noir and Pinot Meunier, so another English sparkler.


Well having finished my updating and decided with one late change what to keep, I exchanged the '95 Chave Hermitage for the’09 Clos de Papes, a total of fifteen cases of Bordeaux cru classe wines many 2nds, two good Barolos, a Vietti Lazzarito and Giacomo Conterno Bazzores Montefortino plus th Hermitage are all now sold or for sale.
What was interesting if understandable was the events organiser who I met through her chef whilst in hospital took a couple of cases that I had at home plus about three mixed cases of other wines, quite naturally she choose known names as they can charge well for them and they had to be mature or as near as dammit, and they give “presence” to corporate do’s.
She took a case each of the '96 Leoville Barton, 2000 Calon-Segur and a half case of 2000 Haut-Baily, plus my Chiantis, Cloudy Bay SB which I wont miss and various other names to make up just three and a half cases.
Much lighter now and the bank balance will have an upside despite someone already spending a lump of it in advance !
The total gone is 258 bottles, but I still have well over 400 in my possesion, still to many as it does not include my float of everyday drinking, it is amazing how over time one collects more and more bottles and fails to realise at some point you have to drink them, my collection was relatively small compared to many but it was and is far to much.
When I look back at when this collection started to burgeon it was when we moved to the first house with a cellar, anyone who has had a cellar will know it will take hundreds of bottles without ever looking full so you keep buying, seems like a good idea at the time but it isn’t really unless the wine you have is just a talking point.
When we moved to the current house it had no cellar I had to improvise with my inspection pit, but that could not take all the wine I had and it was quite a bit more than the figures above so I simply did not buy any, well hardly just my Reisling, for five years to get the numbers down,
The anniversary party will see quite a few gone and I will re assess after that, meanwhile the corscrew is glowing red hot !


Well the anniversary looms next week, but this weekend we have a party on Saturday and a family and friends late lunch on Sunday, the party consists of about thirty many of whom are keen oenophiles so I can’t get away with cheap plonk though I have cheated a bit.
The Bordeaux sorted itself when I made a bloomer with the one I was going to use as I sent the wrong one for sale and kept the 2009 Dom de Chevalier, luckily I had a case that was going for sale still at home and it can be seen in the photo.
The Sunday lunch was easier as I have plenty of threes or single bottles so I decided to have a Spanish theme.
The part were I struggled was white wine for the party and some fizz, no way was I going to purchase Krug and as I have virtually no Champagne in my cellar I beat a retreat to Witrose and purchased a case of their very highly rated Prince Alexander Cremant de Loire and at a discount so I hope that hole is plugged.
The other problem was white wine, I have stacks of riesling but not everyone likes riesling and I had little else in fact nothing in quantity, so back to Morrisons to get their Mastercraft SB at 97 points really ! that I tried earlier, I was lucky as when I asked for a case they came back and said it was the last one they had sold out of that wine so I took the case and a few odd bottles from the shelf and on my previous trip to the same place I got their rated Chrdonnay from Argentina at a discount which having tried is certainly good enough for the party, more Chablis than the cotes.

So all is now set, the food is ready to go, a large barbi from a neighbour will supply the meat and a whole ham wild, I think, salmon plus plenty of other eats should see us through plus there is beer and spirits for those who want it, the music will be supplied by my nephew who is the resident bandleader at Ronnie Scotts and we have a small marque attached to the back of the house for extra space and Tesco were useful for glass hire, not a lot of people know that !
It will be interesting to see what people bring in the way of wine as I am sure some will we will find out who are the tight buggers, looking forward to it now, a lot of old faces not seen for years and many not likely to be seen again as is the way as age catches up with us so it will be eat drink and be merry.



My goodness @cerberus! What a party you throw !Ive loved hearing about your collection and how you’ve sold so many already and the stories behind the accumulation. I’ve already decided I need a cellar but wouldn’t move for one… Maybe I need to put one in … now there’s a challenge for the OH who’s an engineer. Have a fantastic weekend and anniversary party. I’d gatecrash but I’ve no babysitter…:joy:


Well that’s that, all over and knackered.
Everything went well the wine just about went round though the Gaffeliere had a couple of bottles over that I put back to enjoy at a later date, lovely wine, but I had to supplement the Bordeaux with six bottles of Ch La Tour de By 2010 as it was the only other Bordeaux I had a quantity of, no more.

The Morrisons Mastercraft SB went down a treat with most, for the money it is a showstopper, the Sunday “Spanish” themed, wine wise, lunch went well, though with not so many wine “experts” different favorites emerged, it was the white wines that wooed as few had ever had those types or quality of wine, plus the Gewurztraminer and the Auslese Riesling were new experiences for those present, personnaly the Prado Enea and the two white and red Bodegas de la Marquesa wines did it for me, I passed on the others as they were a known taste.

Sadly the weekend was not all good a phone call on Saturday morning from the daughter of an old acquiantance who I knew was ill telling me he had passed away was a bit of a dampener and the stories of who is left and who is still with us is seemingly normal now when you reach this age and you just accept it.
Did I get any wine given, well some though the wife got most of the pressies, as people arrived I was by passed with “this is for you” meaning the wife, I suppose in recognition with putting up with me for so long, but I/we did get a bottle of Krug and also a very good Willie Schaeffer half bottle of beerenauslese.
Wine of the weekend for me, the Gaffeliere, typical east bank Bordeaux lots of dark fruit berries blue berry !chocolate and graphite, long length and very dark in colour, decanted the first three bottles in the morning and replaced as each decanter emptied so the other bottles had some air time, can’t say I noticed much difference between the different times in flask, but I had got past the slurping sniffing swirling stage by then !
The Tour de By is a cracking Bourgeois, have drunk it before and it is very reliable and very good value.
The Cremant went down well and very quickly, apart from the odd glass as a an apertif I haven’t really been much of a fan of sparklers apart from the very rare vintage versions, but no one spoke ill of it and the ladies loved it so good choice at a good price.
All gone now, all seemed to enjoy and in the end that is all that matters, oh and I was always under the impression older people, not that all were older, don’t eat as much, the lot was cleared !!!
And thank god we didn’t have to do the clearing up, joy.


Wow, sounds like you know how to throw a party! Coincidence that you had a bottle of Willi Schaefer as a gift. I’ve never had any wine from that estate but only last week I bought a case of his 2012 Riesling Graacher Domprobst Auslese #14.

I’m very excited to open a bottle to see what it is like once it has been delivered.


We have had fifty years in the planning :rofl:

I meant to add, I have six of the wine you describe in my cellar the spatlese version and a couple of Schaefers '07 Kabinett wines, if you look on Cellartracker ‘angelcyn’ you will see I do have a few Rieslings of interest, I have not tried the Spatlese yet so can’t comment on it, the Kabinett will have to be drunk soon for though they keep I prefer them fresher.


I just noticed from the picture that one of the Bodegas de la Marquesa wines you referred to is the Rioja Finca Monteviejo, Valserrano. I was at a friend’s house for dinner some time ago and he opened a bottle that he had been given as a gift.

It really was excellent. So much so that I made sure to keep a note of the name so I could buy some for myself, which I have never done, but seeing the label reminded me. Maybe I’ll have to hunt some down.

Just seen you have the Kabinett and Spatlese of the Willi Schaefer, I have 12 half bottles of the Auslese.

It will be a new experience for me, never having had any German Auslese before.



it was cheaper at the vineyard and they do I believe sell to individuals as well as the trade