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Andouilletes de Troyes


Ooh - not so sure about that. While we were there we went to a marina on the lakes to the east of the city. Whole family sat down for a pizza - I only unwittingly picked an anduilette pizza of all things. The translation just said sausage - and who hasn’t finished off a drunken night with a breakfast pizza in their youth. Except this was saucisse a la merde. Pizzas are a lovely thing, and I’ll eat them with almost anything on - one of my favourites in France has salmon, creme fraiche and a raw egg on it (not sure what they call it, but I’ve had it in a few places). I’m even sanguine about pineapple. But who in their right mind looks at this humble yet wonderful dish, and says “You know what will liven this up? A distinct aroma of shite,”. Shudder.


Seems there are a number of similar sausages in France - I was referring to Andouille de Guemene - https://fr.wikipedia.org/wiki/Andouille_de_Guémené which needs an entire small intestine to make just one sausage - they kind of roll the intestinal tube back and forth on itself until you have many concentric circles. Have a look at this video if interested. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xtE54AV04DE


However - it aint an ADT. Fortunately the A’ de Guemene sausage has no lavatorial odour - although strong tasting and somewhat an acquired taste.


Makes you pine for the days when the only choice was a Walls pork sausage.


There’s a common theme in there between AdT sausage and those ones in the advert. There may also be more meat in the AdT version.