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An update on progress in our warehouse

Hi everyone,

You’re shortly about to receive this via email but I wanted to share it here too as I’m sure it’ll be discussed. :slight_smile:

Here’s a latest update from our CEO Steve Finlan:

Thank you to all our members for your continued patience while we have made a number of vital changes to our warehouse operation over the last two weeks designed to make our warehouse environment safe for our teams.

This update is to let you know the current situation and, while we are not able to accept new orders quite yet, there is encouraging news to share.

I am pleased to say that we have successfully implemented the significant changes needed for our warehouse to reopen safely. We have tested the operation and systems to the full satisfaction of our workforce and our union representative. I hope that this reassures those members concerned for our employees’ well-being. All other business activities are being operated by teams working from home.

The team’s first task is to clear the backlog of orders generated in the weeks leading up to our closure. All members with an outstanding delivery will be contacted shortly by Member Services with more details. We will work as quickly as possible to clear this backlog, but demand during the period before closure was extremely high, and this process will take some time.

We are committed to open for new orders as quickly as we can. This is likely to be during the Easter weekend. This will be a reduced service: initially we will be taking orders for full unmixed cases only and offering full-case withdrawals from Members’ Reserves.

This will not be business as usual, but we are all committed to doing our very best. Based on our experience before closure, however, initial demand will inevitably exceed our ability to pack orders in our new environment and this will impact delivery dates.

Thank you again for your patience and understanding.

Best wishes,

Steve Finlan
Chief Executive Officer

As ever, this Community is for member-to-member discussion and isn’t monitored by Member Services so if you want a response from The Wine Society please contact us directly by email.


Guess you beat me to it this time @laura! :smiley:

Sadly not much use to me yet as I rarely buy unmixed cases. But that’s not a complaint and quite frankly I’ll not be buying anything until I know we are (hopefully) getting out of this crisis before I’m bankrupt! :wink:



This is terrible! I have never been so insulted, do you know who I am?

etc, etc, etc…

But what I would like to know is are we going to be able to get our lovely TWS vans delivering, with their gorgeous drivers. I miss them so.


Good news, hoping that mixed cases follow as soon as safely possible too.


Ahhh unfortunately (or fortunately) not! All deliveries will be made with our outside carrier, DHL. What a lovely comment though, we’ll be sure to pass this on to our drivers!


Good news. Appreciate the approach TWS has taken to this conundrum.


@laura can I be a pain. Do you know what the situation is with the channel Islands we only get 2 deliveries a year anyway but I could imagine that may be no deliveries at the moment. If that isn’t one for you don’t worry I can ring member services. I was just wondering if there is any point in me ordering wines for drinking now/soon or not. Thanks

Good news! I do support what the Society is doing, but would love some wine…

I do have one question though (which people here may not be able to answer).It’s ‘unmixed cases’ only. Now, I’ve got a couple of WineSoc cases on back order. They’re not all the same wine of course, but not the same as an individual selection of 12 bottles, as it’s the Society’s selection. Are they included in the deliveries? I’m guessing not…but I’d love to be wrong.

@Petsco if you have a pre-mixed case on order, made before the closure, it will still be delivered to you! All orders that were made before the closure will be honoured as they were made. Unmixed cases take less time to pack for delivery, so they are likely to be sent out first. So, if you have placed an order for a pre-mixed case (a selection made up by the Society) or a mixed case which you made up yourself, these orders will also be fulfilled and included in the deliveries. When the order lines re-open, there will only be full, unmixed cases initially available for order. Hope that helps!


Hi Mike! That’s a good question - let me check tomorrow and let you know! :blush:

This Update, signifies progress - so I’m all for that. :+1:
I never have unbroken cases delivered, but IF we can have made up selections from our reserves, then I am ok with that. Even if there will be a time lag to delivery.
The only (SORRY) giant caveat that I would associate with any sort of resumption of service is, if any employee falls sick, WE STOP.
There may be another, not WS explanation for infection, but speaking for myself I do not wish to be associated with practices that have potential negative health implications for Society Staff.
I am sure Steve Finlan would not authorise this procedure to go ahead, unless he was absolutely confident that it was as risk free a working system, that could be devised!:pray::grinning:


When the email said I could expect to be contacted soon, I wasn’t it expecting it to be this soon - and on a Sunday night! Thank you everyone for all you’re doing!


Good job I just reorganised the cupboard under the stairs - about three and a half cases on their way to me at some point soon now from a couple of back orders and a chunky reserves withdrawal!


Ahhh unfortunately (or fortunately) not! All deliveries will be made with our outside carrier, DHL.

Morally, this smacks of, ‘it’s okay for DHL drivers to risk their necks but not the WS drivers’. Is delivering parcels without customer contact (as Amazon have been doing throughout) really so dangerous. Surely if the WS drivers worked too, orders would be fulfilled more quickly.


Yes, it does seem rather strange though perhaps there is some explanation. I thought it was more a warehouse problem than a delivery issue.

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If you had taken the time to read properly you would have noted the “volunteer” part of employees going back to work ! Extremely likely drivers have not volunteered to risk it .

Nope! Can’t see it anywhere! You must have the mentor version. Even if you’re right it smacks a bit of reticence on the driver’s part.

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You’re right that this one doesn’t mention it, but other communications have been quite explicit about this ( go back and read Sarah Evans’, or Steve Finlan’s on 27th March) (I’m not a mentor :slight_smile:)

Just to clarify, do you mean reticence on the part of the Society to ask drivers, or reticence on the part of the drivers to come back to work?


Can we just stop with the constant criticism now? Trust me you have definitely made your point, I don’t want to hear it over and over and over again and I doubt anyone else does either.


Yes, the drivers I think. One would have thought they had the good of the operation in mind, as have those who have been persuaded/volunteered to man the warehouse operation. Otherwise why bother having an in-house delivery operation?

Sorry to upset you Mike, it’s called having an opinion!

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