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An important update from our CEO Steve Finlan

The plural of ‘anecdote’ is not ‘data’. With more people eating (and doing everything else) at home, there will be more in all types of bin. With some councils announcing changes in what they collect, there may be well be more in the wrong bins. None of this is a justification for moralising about ‘other people’.

For year my wife has said I was an idoit for having so much wine here. Sure my cellar will survive most things.
Hope this situation all works out alright in the end.


I had a cataract operation, the 2nd one 20 days ago.
On the way home, I did an M&S shop.
I placed myself in self-isolation i.e. Lockdown at that point.
Tesco have done a few home deliveries, as have my local butcher and greengrocer.
I have plenty of unconsumed wine from the Christmas period.
My postie, bless her heart collects my outgoing mail (yes, paper letters!!) from my porch.
My optician, rang me this morning to cancel an appointment that I had with her next Tuesday, not fair to risk close contact with her.
My opinion is that CoronaVirus is going to be with us, in one way or another until a vaccine is made widely available.
Until then, we are just going to have to suck it up.
That is my current mindset.
There are 101 things that I can do, have been promising myself to do until I get “the jab!”
I have reconciled myself to losing friends and acquaintances during these unprecedented times, I feel very sad just thinking about what lies before us all.
The upside is that with the different test kits soon to be available, those who have contracted the virus and recovered, will be able to resume a semblance of normal life; so long as they are protected by their antibodies.
But for a small but significant proportion of the population, we must personally ensure that we are safe.
Failure so to do, may have dire consequences! :worried::cry:

There is an interesting piece on the whole stockpiling/panic-buying thing here:

Essentially it’s not a small number of ‘idiots’, it’s a verylarge volume of ‘normal’ shoppers (ie us!) just buying a bit more or some stuff they don’t usually buy that is driving the volume. Grocery supply chains are very much last-minute and simply not set up to accommodate this sudden ramping up.


More fool them then, IMHO!!

Not at all surprised by this decision and I completely understand and support it. - Although I’m going to miss out on a pending order, there are bigger issues at stake - obviously!


I was just thinking about getting a Jaume box of joy but it will have to wait! Very pleased to see TWS taking so much care of its staff. Fortunately I have enough at home to last about 4 months.

Out of curiosity @laura - does this affecct mailings also? Wondering if I shouldn’t wait for the Barolo offer to distract me and just use the pdf.

I’m afraid so, @tom! The Barolo EP has been postponed for now - apologies about that, we’ll let you know as soon as we hear more. :slight_smile:

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No problem, I shall just print the pdf off and be extra prepared :smiley:

It doesn’t really matter, but why postpone an EP offer as the wines won’t even be in the country for another year or so? Something to do with how the order system is set up?

It would help us if you do not call Member Services when they do reopen.

I am a bit puzzled by this request. Presumably it means for the first few days, or weeks, but it sounds strange as it stands. Surely member services exist as a point of contact?

Hi Andy! I get what you mean - perhaps we should have clarified further: our Member Services teams have been overwhelmed with calls in the last few days, and are going to be operating with a much smaller-than-usual home-based staff moving forward, so we’re asking for non-essential calls to be avoided if possible to help us give the best service possible.

It’s as much for our members as our staff, as if the phonelines remain this busy, members may have to wait on hold for their call to be answered for some time - which isn’t the kind of high service levels we usually pride ourselves on, so we’re trying to manage expectations as best we can with the resource we have.

Appreciate that’s maybe not as clear as it could have been, though - so thanks for seeking clarification! :slight_smile:


No loo rolls in any of our supermarkets or corner shops/ bargain shops. The local Organic shop has loads.


Bit disappointed as I was going to place an order after work but I have enough to keep me going.

It clearly is the correct decision and I feel sorry for those still working in large warehouses prepping orders for internet delivery, as well as the supermarket workers of course.

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Years ago, I, as a Master Composter, ran a project with our village primary school.
Friday was ‘compost day’ when the week’s veg peelings, etc could be added to the school bins, compost turned and worms discovered.
Unfortunately some parents treated it as a Harvest Festival day, with wrapped fruit and veg.


That’s more or less what I figured the reason would be and very understandable!

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Managed to bagsie two rolls at the local corner shop, which had just stocked up. We were only allowed two rolls, and the kid queuing next got the other two. The other half was contemplating whether he should offer to buy them off the kid when we were outside. Immoral, or what! :smiley:

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Depends on the price…smart kid would have charged him a premium, gone home and told his mum that there were none…:wink:


The kid should have charged him twice the normal price for 1 of the rolls, thus getting the other roll effectively free. (Analogy with some people’s EP strategy?)


The website’s up for browsing now, anyway. That’s always been a good pastime :+1:


Confused… just had a text message telling me that DHL is going to deliver my Wine Society order tomorrow! Is this because it was already picked for TWS delivery today so it can just be transferred to a courier, or is this a false report like the ones I got about TWS delivering my order today? I know Member Services are under stress, so I’m prepared to wait and see if something shows up tomorrow, but… odd.