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An important update from our CEO Steve Finlan

Really ??

it’s not the changing and reducing of offerings that causes the stockpiling…it’s the reaction & mentality of the idiots that go out and purchase beyond their requirements!

{about to commit a sacrilegious activity} wine is not an essential item required to stay alive…if you don’t have any you will still be alive in 3 weeks time!

Supermarkets have robust supply chains and there will be sufficient food for everyone


I have taken the decision to stop taking new orders and also to stop making deliveries with immediate effect. The Prime Minister’s statement was very clear that the single most important action we can all take in fighting coronavirus is to stay at home in order to protect the NHS and save lives.

I wholeheartedly support the need to do this and as a result we need our employees to stay at home. Many of our employees are already working from home, but this latest development means that our warehouse and transport operations will now be suspended.

Many of you will be disappointed and some may not agree with our decision, but it is simply impossible for us to argue that it is worth putting our employees at risk in order to deliver a non-essential service. I believe that this is the responsible action to take right now and I hope that most of you will agree.

I am extremely sorry that this will mean that we are unable to fulfil outstanding orders for the time being. It is uncertain exactly how long this position will prevail.

Our Member Services lines will be not be taking inbound calls today and will reopen with a smaller home-based team tomorrow. In the meantime, the team will start immediately to contact members about the status of their orders so that we can bring clarity to the situation. My sincere apologies if our automated systems for communication around delivery are not quite in sync with the speed that we have taken this action. It would help us if you do not call Member Services when they do reopen.

We pride ourselves at The Wine Society in always doing the right thing. I believe strongly that we are doing the right thing in this instance.

We will endeavour to provide timely and effective communication as this rapidly evolving situation continues to develop. In the meantime, I would like to thank all members for your understanding and support, and to extend our very best wishes to you all.

Steve Finlan
Chief Executive Officer


I think we are rapidly moving to the point where deliveries of non-essential stuff are banned. Some of the delivery companies have already decided to cease operations, more will follow. This decision is a sensible precursor to an inevitable further lock down.

In my opinion it is the right and proper decision made at the right and proper time. It is unreasonable to expect people to risk themselves and their loved ones purely to supply us with alcohol. Well done TWS!


This is true, nevertheless - the panic in the air is what drives this reaction. Not to say there is any other way to approach this hideous situation, but idiots aside - if people fear reduction of offering - they will stockpile.

I’m still on a (futile) search for more loo rolls for our house -having covered every major shop in Brighton as well as my local corner shop(s). There must be many idiots out there, is all I can say!


That is the right decision to take for the sake of staff and “flattening the curve”.

I will see my undelivered case of wine, expected to be delivered on Monday, as a very small sacrifice compared to what many others are taking.


Well said! :+1:

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does waitrose cellar still deliver / take orders ? they are still running a few discounts…

panic is caused by (amongst other things) insecurity - and in this case its probably insecurity in their own ability to plan, cook, etc and their ability look beyond their own nose at the plight of others etc.

Apparently (quoted from a couple of councils) food waste collections are up 30% (by mass) - lots of it unused and even within date! People effectively grabbing anything they can without a thought if they can or will use it !

good luck with the loo-roll hunt! perhaps its the new easter activity :rofl:

Ha ha! I’m seeing it more as my birthday treat (not due till April, but we’re in this for the long run methinks!).

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@laura would it be possible for the bulk of the TWS site to be available. I understand the need to block orders but the many bits of reference material available can be a nice source of distraction in these difficult times. At the moment the letter seems to have taken over the entire site.


all the best people are born in April :wink:

someone has already joked they are getting me a toilet roll for my birthday !

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A temporary measure, rest assured - working on this now.


Could that just be because people are at home, and preparing and eating more meals at home, so proportionately generating more food waste? I mean, many families barely have any meals at home in normal times.

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I find it difficult to believe that overworked council workers are actually going through food waste checking use-by dates. Source for this?


They’re being called “Covidiots” now I believe…


Moralising about other people, whose situations and requirements one doesn’t know, is not helpful.


apparently its a lot of unused food - people panic purchased and didn’t use - some even in the plastic wrappers !!

do you mean they don’t prepare/cook meals at home or dont eat at home ?

So near and yet so far… (needless to say, it didn’t arrive)

Came to me via a (trusted) Ward Councillor - I doubt they are checking every single item but simply looking at a few items that were in the packaging…and they do look for packaging as I will explain below.

Issue for our council is the increase of non-compostable material means it can’t now be sold (beyond service level agreement for contaminants) and has to be either incinerated or go to landfill

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Well done Wine Society and thank you. Great decision.