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An important update from our CEO Steve Finlan



If wine is an essential for anyone then they probably shouldn’t be drinking it.

I’m with you @Herbster, I’m out of this thread. You know what they say; times like these bring out the best… and the worst in people.


:rofl::rofl: Is my missing Fedex case there too?


me too…bye not buy !




Another one who needs to understand the meaning of society
There’s no “me” in society…


I think people have come here just to wind us up. Probably best to ignore or mute really.

Have flagged a post on this basis.

Never had to do that before on here. Sad times.


And me, the attitude of some on here is quite frankly pathetic. Bugger off and buy your wine elsewhere, you won’t be missed. Oops, sorry Mike, obviously wasn’t intended as a reply to you!!


Hey Dr Em - there is a ‘I’ in society.


Here is a seminal thread, that to my mind; sorts the Wheat from the Chaff!
I have really missed being here and am delighted to have returned.


Can I just say… enough silliness ?


Does anyone remember the good old days on this community when all we had to argue about was the shade of red in the new logo and the design of the boxes the wine arrived in?

So wants up with that red? And the changing shade in the logo uh? I mean? Seriously? Perhaps they need to close the society for a bit and have a good old think about what they have done?

What was wrong with the old red?!?!?!?!?!?


and before you leave again… please consult us




Thanks Laura…keep the communication flowing…


I am not leaving again, irrespective of any perceived slight!
It really is good to be back.:+1: :grinning:


Apologies if this has been discussed above, but I hope/assume all of the warehouse and other staff are still being paid notwithstanding suspension of delivery etc.?


I would imagine they are all ‘furloughed’ and will be getting 80% of their salary through the government job retention scheme. Hopefully TWS are doing the same as us and topping up that 80% to the full 100%.


Hi - actually this hasn’t been discussed yet, so this is a great point. All of our staff are still being paid, yes. :smiley: Suppliers and growers are fully supported too.


One possibly helpful remark: at least one of our local restaurants has been keen to raise a little cash and has been offering mixed cases (with local delivery). The prices are not astonishingly good, but it has been a way to get a few different bottles while supporting a local business who need it at this time. I wonder whether this is happening elsewhere.


I’ve just had the latest update (dated 27 March) & want to say how much I appreciate the great job the WS is doing to safeguard its staff but provide a service to members - but please, only if you’re sure it’s safe to do so.