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An important update from our CEO Steve Finlan

Perhaps TWS could outsource operations to Majestic during the current environment.
It seems to have worked out a business model that can cope with keeping staff safe and delivering to customers in a contactless way…


And how do you know that any of them have come up with safer environments. How do you know they aren’t just saying to their staff “come in and work or lose your job”. Unless you happened to have some sort of inside knowledge yourself your argument simply bounces back at you in reverse.

The bottom line is that the only thing we really know for certain is that everyone staying at home is at less risk than those having to go into work. Less risk to themselves and less risk to their colleagues.

Sorry I just don’t understand this whole fuss at all.


Can you bend down? Or get the case put on a wall or something by the delivery person? If so you don’t need to carry the case from a delivery. You could cut it open, and carry the bottles in individually. Then wash your hands thoroughly and leave the bottles a few days for any virus on the bottles to die. Then you are good to go.

I am sure a local merchant would be delighted to get your order. Alternatively you could consult this list


When WS delivers I ask him to put it on the the mat at the front door. When deliveries have occured last week as soon as i see the van i open the front door and step some way away. The man drops the parcel on my mat. The postman left it on the doorstep and knocked my door and then walked back down the drive and waited until i opened the door.
If it goes on for a long time the WS might have to reconsider.


I think that a lot of people don’t have a choice about going to work, whether or not they are able to social distance there. I get quite a few emails about ‘heroic’ staff battling on. I wonder how many of them would be if they were not compelled to do so by circumstance.

The message remains clear from the NHS; stay home. Yesterday the UK deaths passed 1000. We passed a 100 10 days before this.

Well done TWS. Thank you again.


Ok! lets do a summary here!

A) If you are a new “community” member or one that has never bothered to contribute positively to the community AND has come to this space to purely bitch about your non- order/delivery please call member services who can assist you further. This is their number: 01438741177. This is NOT the place for it.
B) If you are a new “community” member and would like to see the latest goings on, head over to these great threads on The weekend drinking thread, TWS planned Virtual Burgundy tasting this thursday, Homeschooling your kids in this pandemic or just some POSITIVITY.
C) If you are a new “community” member and have just come across this thread… WELCOME!! Head over to the Introduce yourself thread, we would all love to know more about you and your wine preferences.


As far as existing promised deliveries are concerned, JP2020 does have a point. It’s not just the major supermarkets that are “able to supply customers without unduly exposing their workers” - why even the Wu Chinese takeaway of Raglan Road, Leeds LS6 manages!



My local Majestic has extended its delivery to 14 days…they used to be able to do same/next day regularly.
Working at 30% staff due to isolation.

Adnams is Southwold seem to have it sorted.


I presume Judge Judy provides a comment on my previous post. I should say that I’m not without sympathy for the CEO or the principles of care for the workers, that he is trying to uphold. It seems entirely acceptable to refuse to take any new orders, with immediate effect from his announcement. But I (and others) are now in a situation where the payment has been taken, but then delivery has been refused. That doesn’t seem as acceptable. A delayed, but firm, delivery date would, I’m sure, be accepted under the circumstances, allowing time for the WS to solve the baffling, phenomenally difficult conundrum of getting a driver and the cargo safely into a van. Delivery should then be made in the same ultra-careful way that the Royal Mail practices. I’m not asking for the moon: just not to be treated, unnecessarily, quite so badly.


I spoke to a manager at Majestic, over 30% of staff are self isolating. My local branch has only 2 people left to run the store and their driver is a 60 year old retired gentleman who usually only does Christmas deliveries. Not sure this is coping or keeping staff that safe



The original decision was a choice between mortality and commercial well-being. Not a pleasant decision but the correct answer was obvious. The commercial consequence is a negative cash flow and a loss of market share. Both get more serious with the passage of time. There is a spectrum of loyalty. Community members are very loyal and will return to TWS asap. At the other end of the loyalty spectrum are decent people who will change their purchasing habit and maybe discover wines they like so will not return. The TWS management know this and have said they are working on how to get back into business to some extent. It is not easy as it will need changes and innovation to internal processes to reduce the risks to employees. If the current hiatus lasts six months or more the consequences of not getting back trading soon would be bad. I sympathise with the management and staff and support their actions. The big challenges for them are ahead.


Brilliant. You have given me the excuse to listen to Queen again for hours on end.


Yes, I’ve just played it several times over.


I’ve been reading this thread and resisting. But can I appeal to you all to just stop it. On line things spiral downhill and people get inside a mindset which probably isn’t really what they think or are as people.

So the good news is that infections appear to be slowing down, if this is true you will get your wine.

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That’s brilliant
Thanks for posting

Hello Leah (and everyone else) - I am new on this forum although have been a member for about 18 years. I absolutely love TWS, not just for the wines but for its business model. I can empathise with most of those on this thread - we all want our wine but equally we all want people to be as safe as they can in the current climate. I was heartened to see the CEO’s comment that TWS is hoping to reopen with a ‘volunteer’ workforce. Is there any way that I can volunteer for that? If TWS concludes that it can get a warehouse operation working safely then I am more than happy to drive your van around Manchester making deliveries. In times like this it isn’t enough to complain and ask why others aren’t doing something for you - we have to be prepared to do it ourselves! This is a serious post - I’m eager to do my bit to help the Society and its members. Maybe establish a new thread where would be volunteers can sign up? Thanks.


Wow David, what a nice post in all this craziness, I’m not sure who would be best to speak to within logistics. You could try the customer services number I have posted above to begin with or @martin_brown may be able to guide you in the right direction.
There may be some insurance issues but that’s a lovely gesture for when deliveries are up and running again.
Nice to see some positivity around and welcome to the community .


Whilst ransacking the shelves of the nearest co-op, I noticed that they sell wine ! who would have guessed there was an alternative to TWS ?

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