American Dreams offer [December 2018]

Some post Christmas offers just landed (online for now)… This American one has some interesting items.

Tempted to try some Oregon Pinit Gris… also a Ridge Zinfandel mixed case, might not be for everyone’s taste.

Happy browsing!


My annual three bottles of Lytton Springs duly ordered…

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That ridge mixed case too good to pass up. Not the sort of thing I would usually go for but clearly exciting (and slightly divisive) wines


I agree - I picked up a couple of these Ridge wines on a trip to the USA earlier in the year, and this is the perfect opportunity to put some stock in reserves. :smirk:

The price has jumped a fair bit on those Ridge wines, I ordered the Lytton Spring 2013 for £35 earlier in the year. Extra demand or were they affected by the fires?

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Exchange rate, too, I think.

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Of course, makes sense

If TWS has been buying currency forward, the exchange rate shouldn’t be a factor, at least within the same year. I noticed a large change in prices from 2 years ago when I bought some of the cheaper wines.

My guess is that the 2013 was bought by TWS 3 years ago and held back in the warehouse.

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So the answer is just fixed supply and higher demand?

I’ve been a fan of Ridge Zin since the 70’s and gosh, while it was always a tad more expensive than other Zins, now it is seriously more expensive and a special occasion wine.

But for me, it’s more than just what’s in the bottle, it’s memories and history.

I take a bottle to the local premium steak house which has free corkage on Mondays and it brings back the memories of steak and Ridge at Ruth’s Chris and Morton’s in the USA.

East Bench Zin is a label I’m increasingly finding in US restaurants, presumably because it’s a less expensive Ridge Zin.

I really like how Ridge mix in a few complementary varieties which I think Zin needs and makes a wine better than a 100% Zin.

Anyway, I’ve ordered my mix


Prices really shot up last year, and have done so again this year. I bought the 2014 Lytton Springs for £29 in early 2017, then the 2015 was £37 at the end of the year, and now it’s £41. It’s a great wine though.

Does the Ridge case of three count as a mixed case that can be placed into Reserves by itself? Or do only mixed cases of 12 get accepted into Reserves?

I drank a bottle of Ridge Geyserville 2009 with my Christmas goose (at my parents’) and now want more…


The case can go straight to reserves


Tried to order 2 of the Ridge cases and wouldn’t let me put into Reserves - will contact staff as I don’t have space to hold the wines at home (reckon worth waiting at least five years from now).

How strange - it let me. Seems odd not to as otherwise you would have to buy four of them at once! As you say probably best drinking from about 2023

Is it limited to 1 case per member? There are only 9 cases left so if it isn’t, perhaps it should be?

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Worked it out - it’s because I had other single bottles in my basket. Have placed a mixed case of six 2014 Rhone into reserves. The Ridge case has gone now :roll_eyes:

The paper flyer stated ‘one case per member’, so maybe this info wasn’t added to the website.

Interesting, it let me check out two cases - I just gave up when I got to delivery options.

I’ve now ordered the single bottles I referred to above, also from California:

  • Domaine de la Côte La Côte Santa Rita Hills 2015
  • Sandhi Bentrock Chardonnay 2015
  • DuMOL Sonoma Coast Chardonnay 2015

All get smashing reviews and are on special offer here. Will have to hunt down some older bottles of the Ridge!