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Ambition to learn more about wine


Hi all,

After seeing a few WSET level questions as well as high level EP wine discussions coupled with general advice topics I thought it might be interesting to see the sort of ambition/level of wine knowledge on the community.

I am thinking more about general wine knowledge, I know some members will know a huge amount about a small region they enjoy (but guessing at this level they would probably know their CNDPs from their LBVs).

For me personally I would peg myself at knowing quite a lot but am still looking to learn more having done WSET level 3 (however don’t think I will be wanting to do the diploma).

  • I don’t know much but happy to take advice from others
  • I don’t know much and am looking to learn more
  • I know a bit but am happy with what I know
  • I know a bit but am looking to learn more
  • I know quite a lot but am happy with what I know
  • I know quite a lot but am looking to learn more
  • I am an expert and am happy with what I know
  • I am an expert but am looking to learn more
  • I am an MW

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Have pressed the wrong button!! Meant to press ‘I know a bit but am looking to learn more’- are you able to update/change it? :blush:


You can do that, just click on hide results and you can switch (I believe)


@robert_mcintosh to the rescue again! :smiley: Thanks, all changed.


I pressed the wrong button, too. I clicked ‘I am an MW’ and then I woke up.


Ahhh… sounds like a heavenly dream :slight_smile:


Let’s do diploma first… have been contemplating it so long


Got a Diploma in 2003, but still wouldn’t consider myself quite an expert. I’m quite close to an expert in my favourite areas, but wouldn’t pretend to have the same level of knowledge elsewhere.


Interesting isn’t it ? There’s a number of members on here where you think, my goodness , their knowledge of X area is really good where as the same person maybe weak in an area you are at practical expert level. This what I like about the community ! Such diverse knowledge among members and the willingness to share it :grin:


Plato: “I am the wisest man alive, for I know one thing, that is that I know nothing.”

True about wine knowledge as much as anything else.


Socrates: “The unexamined wine is not worth drinking”… Or was is The unexamined life is not worth living…? :thinking: either way, learning is a never ending process, and fun it is, too!
Speaking of which, got a tasting evening in Brighton tonight… Alsace, Germany and Austria. Can’t wait! :grinning:


When someone asks me, I always say that delving into wine’s like delving into any other subject you can think of - the more you learn, the more you realise you don’t know.


I did this on my phone and pressed the wrong button :slight_smile:my vote was meant to be for I know a bit and want to learn more.