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Amazing value wine and unusual grape to explore



I only had this bottle because it came in the Off The Beaten Track mixed case. I would never have bought it because I usually do not like this grape.

I opened it last night to pair with a pork loin dish with stir-friend vegetables with some added chorizo (the MAGIC ingredient) so I wanted something suitably structured to match.

Oh WOW! This is beautifully mature, rich and tobacco-ey red, which slipped confidently into my life and completely wrapped me in its many velvety layers. I may have a bit of a crush! Having been part of a mixed case I assumed it would cost at least twice as much as it does.

Do you know Alicante Bouschet? It is a rare grape with not just dark skin but also red-tinted pulp (most red grapes still have clear pulp, hence needing to keep the red skins in contact with the liquid when making red wine). This ‘teinturier’ grape is/was used to give colour to blends, and was not really known as a quality grape on its own. Nothing I knew about this grape, however, prepared me for what was in the glass.

I’ve no idea where this perfectly aged wine was sourced from, but I gather there is more coming soon, and I would love to know what you thought of it.

Note: it is already mature, so you need to like this sort of evolved notes (like me) as it is not ‘fruity’, and it may not be something to keep for many more years, but if you want to try something ‘ready to drink’ this is worth a try!

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Really sounds wonderful!! Another to pop in for next delivery if its still available :+1:


Sounds like one to try!

There is a more detailed discussion re ‘Teinturier’ and it’s meaning on this thread (if I’ve copied the link correctly)


Yes, I was party to that and it was on my mind when I thought “oh well, let’s take this bottle out of the case to try on this Wednesday evening as I’ve just been chatting about these wines (which I’m not really a fan of” … I really did not have massive expectations!

@Leah - I gather it is temporarily out of stock (another member commented they were ordering for their wedding, so may have bought lots of it at once), but more is on its way. I’m hoping it arrives on time for me to bring on my week away.


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Every time I manage to make a dent in my wishlist and get it down…SOMEONE comes along and causes it to balloon again!


How very DARE they !! Manipulation at its finest :rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl:


It’s like he knows we have no willpower of our own!


Oh brilliant - we were going to get that but it was temporarily out of stock. Here’s hoping it hangs around until next month!!


I’ve just put an order in with this on but the earliest delivery was 2 weeks anyway so it should be fine


Feeling slightly smug that I picked one of these up a couple of weeks ago now :sunglasses:
Pretty sure I’ve had AB in blends before, but not as a varietal - very excited to give this a try!


I noticed that LAST 2 bottles in stock were sitting on the shelves of the Showroom just 5 minutes ago, so if you are close … (Well, unless @Alchemist got stuck in)


Had this wine last week too - as wanted to try this grape for ages. It’s been difficult to find, so was really happy when noticed it on the WS list. Incredible value for money, for a wine so full of flavour and complexity. My husband absolutely loved it, which was great - as we don’t always agree on reds (very different preferences!). Hope it stays on the list :+1::grinning:


This was also my favourite, I think, from this “Off the beaten track” mix. Excellent wine.


I can also happily confirm that this was an absolute gem. It’s rare to get something so deliciously mature for £7.50. What a treat! I wouldn’t be surprised if this disappears very quickly when it comes back into stock.


I bought a bottle to try 08/09/18 but it seems to be out of stock again now :frowning:

My comment in the weekday thread was:
And wow this is a different sort of wine! So dark it’s almost purple (Alicante Bouchet is one of the few unusual grapes that have red flesh as well as skin). Bouquet could almost be described as pungent (in a good way), a total blast of dark berries and something else that I couldn’t identify almost makes you pull back from the glass in shock, though not unpleasant shock, just surprise. On the palate it’s smooth, no noticeable tannin, blackberry fruity and slips down very very easily with a short but pleasant finish. A quite unusual and very moreish wine.

So I thought it was still quite fruity despite its age. Certainly agree with velvety and very lush. I was very impressed, especially at £7.50.