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Amaz*n alternatives - a WS list of alternatives, big and small

I’m sorry to say Abe books is owned by Amazon.

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Very disappointimg! Thanks

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Whilst we can all nit-pick around the periphery to justify our individual agendas, such as - buying from Amazon does reduce the use of my car considerably and I’m on a regular small van delivery route, I only purchase items I have identified as a “need”, rather than a casual acquisition, I don’t purchase unsolicited “gifts” for anyone, blah blah blah.

Amazon Market Place dose allow small businesses access to a much wider market than a stand-alone presence would. Using Duck Duck Go does outflank Google - but I can’t get my friends to use Signal rather than Whatsapp; We can side for or against electric vehicles’ credentials over climate change and unsustainability (not to mention the human rights exploitation from the sourcing of cobalt and lithium), ditto solar panels, wind turbines….We all have our pet justifications for our actions to assuage our guilt and trepidation over what’s just around the corner.

We are all avoiding the big picture of that large tusk-bearing animal here, yes ? Simply put, the Human Race has been far too “successful” and there are far too many of us. All of us - and certainly anyone on this forum - uses the basis of the modern economic model - ie profiting from unsustainable depletion of the planet’s resources - to achieve their lifestyle; period. Don’t let’s kid ourselves. It all began when we worked out how to make tools, to cook meat, and get the concept of planning ahead; all those millennia ago.

And it’s finally come to payback time. Climate change, toxic pollution, and above all, “Economic Migration” of humans from places where these effects are already no longer consistent with bare minimum living standards. Humans originally spread around the globe due to similar opportunistic pressures but now there are simply too many of us, and we ain’t seen nothin’ yet. It will all end in tears, but possibly not quite in my lifetime. I hope. Not a lot I can do about it either way.

So let’s just drink the wine whilst the conflagration hasn’t yet reached our doorsteps.


I know some of you tend towards the abstruse from the music threads…

A wonderful resource for left-field, weirdy, beardy and strange and off the wall, run by the wonderful Chris Cutler (ex Henry Cow): ReR Megacorp.


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For cycling - please remember Your Local Bike Shop will be there for you when you need it. There are many different bike shops out there, but find a good one and it’s a thing of joy. They’ll usually do a deal, and you’ll get an excellent bike and the support if things go wrong.


Hear, hear!

Despite my best hopes I can’t help thinking that we’ve reached the ‘too little too late’ stage. The planet’s only long term hope might be for our species to die out.

Not to say that I want to blithely go on supporting the likes of Amazon, Facebook (or Google to that matter), in their successful march towards global domination and dictation of agendas, but I cannot kid myself either that my ‘efforts’, whatever shape they take, will make a significant dent to their power.

We’re all decent and ethical individuals here without a doubt, but as a species - led, perhaps by a male-centred agenda since time immemorial - our hunger for exploitation and mindless use of this planet’s resources has come back to haunt us. Amazon et al are just happy facilitators of this insatiable and destructive hunger.


I needed some large envelopes. I walked to the town centre in the afternoon and went to the shops stocking envelopes but drew a blank at all of them, so I walked back home. logged onto Amazon found choice a plenty, ordered the cheapest and they were delivered next morning.

Just saying …

(what’s this ‘left-field’ you mention a couple of times in this thread, @Grimpeur ? What does it mean? From your post it seems to equate to ‘unusual’, but in cricket the left field become the right field when the batsmen change ends, and both are equally apparent to the audience…)

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My local W H Smiths has a whole selection of different sizes, including some pretty large ones. I didn’t register the largest there, but certainly a good bit bigger than A4.

From Cambridge Dictionary: unusual and different from what is normally seen, said, or done.

Cricket is not my thing. Actually, the very thought makes me come out in a cold sweat…

I think it’s a baseball term, but I don’t claim to understand the derivation. Perhaps left field means out of the batter’s vision?

Most probably with a curved ball too!

I found Amazon very convenient. The reason I avoid them now is their sly attempts to get the inattentive (ie me and Mr JayKay) to inadvertently sign up to Amazon Prime every time we bought something. After three in-error sign-ups (which are a pain to cancel) to the household we called it a day. We still have the account but I can’t remember the last time we used it. We just find alternatives and are willing to pay more to avoid the Amazon Prime trap.

I realise sax.co.uk is a bit niche but it is fantastic. We also endorse @Herbster suggestion of bookshop.org. Sometimes I use the Amazon site to find a product then search the web for alternative suppliers, and this has worked quite well.


I do that a lot and whilst I would feel guilty doing it in a shop and then buying online (I never do this) I have no qualms about doing it to Amazon :stuck_out_tongue:. And, as I said above, I almost always manage to find it cheaper. Recently I got a Samsung phone much cheaper than it could be bought on Amazon by buying it directly from Samsung. They were actually the cheapest price I could find anywhere (other than a bunch of ones so cheap they were obviously grey imports - one actually admitted as much!). And I just bought a pair of speakers direct from the (UK) manufacturer 10% cheaper than from Amazon.


However - it does get you subscription to Amazon Prime video and Music streaming. For us countryfolk not living within striking distance of a cinema, or at least needing to get out the car and drive to one, it’s an attractive deal. I joined Prime years ago and just suck it up.