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Amaro è mio amo


So i’m off to Italy tomorrow (to see Pro Vercelli play).

When I am there I might try and try a few new Amari. Does anyone:

A) love the herbal juice

B) have a favourite one

Currently enjoying Amaro dell’Etna and South London’s finest - Asterley Brothers. Old time favourite is Montenegro, but keen to know any other recommendations.

Will be in Northern Italy, Piemonte, if that helps.



Well, my personal favourites, though they are a bit mass market and there are probably more artisanal versions around, are Ramazzotti and Averna.

Both are reasonably sweet rather than bitter, but terribly moreish.

If you discover anything let me know, but getting any of them in the UK can be a bit of a struggle


Have you had the Asterley Brothers? Straight out of Forest Hill



Forest Hill … as in SE23?

That’s where I live and I know nothing about it


Yep. Pretty sure that’s where they make their Amaro, Fernet and Vermouth.



They sell some interesting badgewear along side their amaro - excuse their French!


Yeah… I restrained myself from sharing this


Awesome. Total stocking stuffer material there! Anyone for Society Community Secret Santa??? :sweat_smile: