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AMA with Pierre Mansour, Head of Buying



Yes we work with a few, here are a couple, we have more which @robert_mcintosh will follow up at a later date on the community.


Thanks so much to Pierre who has tried to answer all your questions and typing furiously for the last hour or so.

I hope you all had fun and got some useful information. Let’s do this again soon!


This was great!

Thanks @PierreM for the candid answers.
Thanks @robert_mcintosh for making it happen.

More of these in the future, please.


Really enjoyed this , thanks @PierreM and @robert_mcintosh :+1::wine_glass:


as you can see desks don’t suit me, so I’m off to taste some wine now, thanks for joining me today.


Thanks Pierre, and yes I do think it’s superb - and amazing value as well. To be honest I find it to be actually better in the glass (and certainly more complex) than many single malts at two or three times the price - hence my hope that the blend might be available cask strength 70cl.

Really appreciate you answering my question.



Cheers @robert_mcintosh for organising this today. A good insight


Great, had found two of those but not the Pinot Blanc.

Thanks in advance @robert_mcintosh, interested to hear if there are others lurking that I haven’t come across yet.


Thank you, Pierre! Really enjoyed reading your answers and feel you’ve massively upped my wine smarts. :blush:


Great job @robert_mcintosh and @PierreM :sunglasses:


Thanks Pierre! :slight_smile:


I didn’t get time to have a question, but am following up on the discussion thread. Very interesting, thank you.


An immense thank you again to @PierreM but also to all of you who sent questions and followed-up, plus a thanks to the team here behind the scenes who help make these sessions possible (@laura, @martin_brown and @Ewan)

I am so excited that it went well. You guys sent some amazing questions and I’m sure we could probably take each every one and turn it into a thread on its own. If you fancy doing that with any of them, let me know and we can spin them off.

I do hope we can do another one of these, maybe in early March and involve others in the Buying team who can share their particular expertise too.

If you have remaining questions, I can’t guarantee I can get them answered personally by Pierre, but post them and I can do my best to get you some answers … or better still, post them as new threads as we have plenty of expertise represented in the community already.

Thanks again

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Surely you also take note of who is supplying the wine? If you are the importer then you have control over pricing but if you buy a wine from a UK importer then your price can be compared to the price for the same wine elsewhere and that not be favourable.
You used to sell La Vielle Ferme at GBP 8, the same as Waitrose but somewhat different to Cactus in Luxembourg who charged EUR 3.50. When you sell wines that aren’t available from the big sellers you can’t be compared.