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AMA: wedding/party wine & the Showroom with Marjorie Cropp



Hi @szaki1974

The wines that are in the Vintage Room are not available online as there are not enough quantity! Sorry!
The wines change very regularly (because of the small quantities) so we don’t have a list per se.


Hi @szaki1974

That’s a very good question that I always get at my wedding tastings. The answer would be that it all depends on timings! The longer the day, the more booze you will need!

For the drinks reception, I would count about 3 to 4 glasses per person and about 1/2 bottle per head fo the meal. I know it sounds a lot but people get very happy at weddings…!

For the toast, count 1 glass of bubbly per person plus a little top up.

Then for party time, if there are beers and spirits available, people tend to switch on to that. But still have some wine available!

Hope this helps!


That’s all we’ve got time for, but thank you SO much for all your interesting and varied questions - we had a lot of fun and hopefully we’ll see Marjorie here on The Community more often now!

Thanks so much @mcropp for your time, expertise and charm! It’s been a pleasure. :smiley:

Look out for Marjorie’s next blog post which will be going up on the Grapevine category very shortly. :eyes:


I am now very interested to visit the showroom!


Thanks Marjorie, enjoyed reading that

I was pleasantly surprised to stumble across the Vintage Room recently. Some nice wines in a small but perfectly formed setting


Thank so much @mcropp - lots of great answers and detail. Thanks for taking the time.

(and thanks @laura for pulling this together)


Apologies I couldn’t engage as I would have liked but I was out and about and kept losing signal but thanks @mcropp for your detailed answers and there’s definitely some new wines to add to my ever growing wishlist and basket :wink: