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AMA/Ask Me Anything Guide - plus: who do you want to hear from?



As this wonderful Community grows, many of our newer members might be wondering what all these AMA posts are about. :woman_shrugging:

In short, AMA stands for Ask Me Anything, and is your chance to post questions to Society staff and other experts at a special, one-hour live event here on The Community.

We try to run them roughly every other month (sometimes more), and it goes like this:

  1. I post an invitation topic, announcing who is going to be in the hot seat, when and why, and inviting your questions in advance so the interviewee has a chance to consider them/gather any helpful information.
  2. On the day, we launch a ‘LIVE’ AMA topic for an hour (usually around lunchtime), where the interviewee answers the existing questions, and you all have a chance to respond/ask further or followup questions, which we’ll also try to answer.

So, here’s a roundup of what we’ve done so far, and what’s coming up (I’ll update this topic as we go along):

January: Pierre Mansour, Head of Buying
March: Toby Morrhall, Society buyer for Burgundy and South America
May: Marjorie Cropp, Showroom assistant and ex-sommelier [wedding and party wines]
July 20th: Sarah Knowles MW, Society buyer for Australia and New Zealand, North America and Champagne [New Zealand theme]

But what I want to know is: who would you like to hear from?

Send us your suggestions for who to ask to take part in our next AMAs, and any specific themes you’d like to ask questions about.

As ever, if I can help at all, just let me (or other Community staff @Ewan and @martin_brown ) know!

New Zealand AMA with buyer Sarah Knowles MW
English wine & beer AMA with buyer Freddy Bulmer
Festive Food and Wine Matching AMA with Tastings' Emma Briffett


@laura There are a lot of Rhone valley fans in the community (myself included), so I think an AMA with Marcel would be popular.

I’d also be interested to hear from one of the Society’s committee members. I know @ricard is a frequent visitor/contributor to the community, but it would be good to know more about the role and responsibilities of the committee. What they bring to it, what they get out of it, etc. I’m sure there are lots of other questions out there!


Yes - definitely an AMA with Marcel. Rhône seems the most prominent topic of conversation on this community and it would be great to hear more about Marcel’s opinions of vintages / sub regions to watch out for etc.


Any chance of getting Sebastian Payne to take part? I know there’d be plenty of questions relating to his current role as buyer of Italian wines, but there’s a wealth of wine knowledge to tap into there.


I’d like an ama with a member of the Web team, lots of questions there!


I think a renowned producer with a good relationship with the society - Someone who makes an exhibition range etc… it could be an AMA + a live tasting with their bottle

Edit: This could be a Rhone producer, hint hint :wink:


Marcel would be my No 1 pick, without doubt.


That’s just what I was thinking but never got round to posting!

Now this takes it to a new level :+1:


I think getting paddy mcguiness to host a ‘take me out’ wine edition with 20 wine makers whittled down to just one would seal that.

“let the lasses, see your glasses!!”


Toby’s AMA coincided with the burgundy en primeur offering and he was asked a lot of questions about the wines, so would it not be a good idea that whenever there is a major en primeur offering the buyer involved does an AMA on it. As the Bordeaux offer is open at the moment, it’s Tim’s turn to step up and explain / expand upon his choices.


@wineintowater Absolutely! We tried but unfortunately Tim’s away on buying trips for most of the duration of the offer so it wasn’t possible this time - but we’ll be bringing him along for an AMA soon! :smiley:


A post was merged into an existing topic: Invitation to AMA: New Zealand wines with Sarah Knowles MW [20th July]


Did you want me to add this question to Sarah’s AMA topic so she can answer it next week or was this just a general wondering for a future AMA? :slight_smile:


Please can you add it to the list @laura :grin: thanks!


Disappointed to see the Taittinger 2012 which I bought from the WS cheaper at Lay & Wheeler.
Nuff said, just disappointed that they could sell it cheaper to their customers and make a profit than the WS could to their members when “profit” was not our primary driver.
Lesson learnt, will not assume or trust…check elsewhere first!?!


We’re not always cheapest, unfortunately - offering the wines we truly believe in at the best possible price is more nuanced than that. It’s more complicated than I can explain on a Saturday night but I’ll try and get a better explanation for you when I’m back in the office - just didn’t want to leave this unanswered. :slight_smile:



You took the time to answer my criticism, so 11/10 for that.
I look forward to your response.


so… when is the AMA with Marcel OW?


Now that IS a good question?!?