Am i reading this wrongly

The latest fine wine list is thrilling and varied,. However Wine L-SP13211 a Godello 2011 is described as being a Galician white that is so good that “we can live with that”-the tasters having assumed it was white rioja.

Galicians might be rather
put out by the suggestion that only because it is so good , can the Tasters accept it as suitable for inclusion .

Or do I read it wrongly?
I would add that Galician whites are probably among the best white wines
of Europe let alone Iberia

Hi, sorry if this was unclear: what we meant was that we all thought it was a white Rioja, but when we discovered we’d got it wrong, we couldn’t be too hurt about our mistake, because the wine was completely fabulous.
As for the quality of Galicia’s wines - completely agree :slight_smile:

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