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Alternatives to a Malborough Sauvignon Blanc


Me again,

Apologies for all the posts in quick succession but I’m finding this fascinating. I need help with persuading my partner that there is life after sauvignon blanc from New Zealand.

What wines would you recommend to help me prize her away and try something new??



Verdejo from Rueda, Spain, could be a good bet to gently wean her off SB …

… or perhaps if she likes aromatics, move across to something peachier like this Argentine offering …

or one of the wines that will grace my Christmas table this year. I was tasting last week with a journalist here in Stevenage and I immediately fell in love (with the wine, not him!).

This last one is also one to prove to people that they DO like chardonnay, because when people say they don’t they generally mean they don’t like over-oaked chardonnay, and generally aren’t aware that there are other styles.


Alberino. Clean, crisp, with mineral interest. Plenty to choose from.

Tech issue How do you link the wines?


Hi Russ - just put the link on a separate line.


Some good suggestions already, I’d add to that Austrian Gruner Veltliners (the WS has a good range),German Scheurebes (at least the dry ones) and English wines made from Bacchus.


Yes! This is a perfect eye-openers, lots of the aromatics you’d expect from SB… but not.

Also second @Ewan’s verdejo recommendation, and add my own:


Both uber-trendy, very drinkable whites. My M-I-L loves sauvignon and she loves the picpoul too, plus she also drinks a lot of pecorino:

So hopefully these will appeal to your wife! You’ll have to let us know what she thinks if you can convince her? :smiley:


I agree with @NickFoster Gruner Veltliner is a great alternative, and a must to keep in the rack.


Very little else offers the zing of Marlborough savvie, but if it’s the NZ you want to prise her from and not the variety, then try

This is one of two savvies made by Abrie Bruwer at the farm run by Abrie and his sister Jeanette Bruwer, 9th generation owners. The other is Special Cuvee but I think Life from Stone matches any and surpasses most NZ SB. Life from Stone gets its name from the quartz rich soils of that vineyard and its distinctly different from SB from the nearby Special Cuvee vineyard which is on sandy soil.

My own partner will take a taste of any alternative variety to NZ SB but then put down her glass and stare at me until I to go and open a NZ SB for her. South African SB is the only other SB she’ll accept.


Everyone’s assuming an alternative to sauvignon Blanc but perhaps a way to go would be to try a more subtle SB to start with? The WS stock some lovely Pouilly Fumes and Sancerres. A particular favourite of ours is this one.


Of coarse there’s always divorce. Surely unreasonable behaviour :slight_smile:


Laura got in before me in recommending the Society’s Gavi which I first came across in a WWF case. Love it to accompany pan fried fish such as sea bass.


@Almitch1, If she likes the aromatics of a NZ Sauvignon, how about introducing her to a Pinot Gris?

This is one of my favourite at the moment, I think its great. It has a slight floral taste with pear and a little peach on the palette.
Its from the cool Mornington peninsula. :slightly_smiling_face:


Same problem in this house. I can’t say just how many bottles of NZ Marlborough I purchase each year because The thought police would drag me away for “supplying “ . I bought six each of Les Pierre Bordes marsanne viognier and Duo des Mers Sauvignon Viognier recently to make her try something new. She turned her nose up at the Marsanne Viognier, so I’ll have to drink that one but found the Sauvignon Viognier acceptable. So maybe try a Sauvignon blend as a lead in to others. Champagne has never been a difficulty funnily enough!!


ha ha, is it ever??

(actually, I take that back … on my first visit to Champagne on a holiday I was still so stressed from work to have acid reflux issues and I therefore failed to properly appreciate the wines) ;(

I must say that the new Society Chenin Blanc from South Africa would give any similarly priced NZ Sauvignon a run for its money and a proper fight in the freshness and fruity stakes (and no cat’s pee)


Ahh… but that’s what we want!!


I’m interested … we’ve had a few detractors of Kiwi Sauvignon Blanc admit their dislike (I have to include myself here), but who is a fan of this style?

Is there someone willing to put in a good word and champion what is, after all, a very well-loved style and MASSIVE seller in the UK generally?


Who doesn’t love Greywacke? Does that count as typical? I’ve not drunk any other NZ SB for some time…


By definition, no! :slight_smile:

Lots of those who profess not to like SB still like this (I’ve not tried it), so it has to be different.

I’m just wondering if there are those out there who actually list SB from New Zealand amongst their favourite wine styles. Considering places like Majestic list about 50 of them, and the supermarkets aisles are full of examples, there must be lots of drinkers of the wines out there and I can’t believe we are SO different that there aren’t quite a few here who do like it - but maybe they’ve been put off admitting that


Isn’t one of the issues about NZ SBs that the majority use special commercial yeasts that emphasise the pyrazines we’ve come to associate with this wine, so they all finish up tasting similar. Greywacke I believe doesn’t.

Of course I could be making that all up, but I don’t think so.


There’s a highly topical new Staff Choice going live on the website tomorrow from one of our own resident sauvignon fans actually!

My lips must remain sealed till then, but it’s sure to offer a groo-v alternative… :zipper_mouth_face: