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Alsace and Italy releases


I don’t receive any email offers from TWS, so I don’t know whether these have featured today, but some very interesting releases on the Alsace and Italy front. Quantities of some look very limited.

To name but a few:

That vintage, at that price, is surely worth a punt.

And I just love this guy’s wines:

Plus some Cavalottos if anyone’s been paid early this month.


Might have to ask for an early Christmas present, lots of great stuff here!


Just when I thought I am not ordering more wine this year…


A few Schlumberger dropped into my basket :scream:


Couldn’t resist the Dolcetto - thanks for the “heads up”!


That’s an exemplary use of the passive tense! :wink:


Thanks for the hint. I just assembled a nice Alsatian/Italian mixed case to be delivered on Wednesday. Particularly looking forward to the Mascarello Dolcetto and the Cavallotto Barbera.


Many thanks, @Comtes86 - some Alsace wines of definite interest (to me) there. Haven’t dared to look at Italy yet!


Without wishing to be overly pedantic, it’s not the passive voice, Inbar. The sentence would have to read “A few Schlumberger were dropped into my basket.” The sentence DrEm wrote is in the active voice as the Schlumberger (the subject) is doing the action “dropped”.
However, your comment’s humour is well placed.


Ha! Yes, indeed. Can’t fault your grammatical logic, @wineyg :slight_smile:
Nevertheless, @DrEm had definitely absolved himself of responsibility.

But ‘judge not lest ye be judged’. The same naughty Schlumberger dropped into my basket too, would you believe it…!


Quite. If you and DrEm wanted to show passivity the sentence would have to read “My basket was filled by cascading bottles of Schlumberger”. You, and the basket, are now truly receiving the action.
Hope you both enjoy the wine. :yum:


The new offers are now online…



So many good things in that Piedmont offer. The Arneis and Favorita are both delicious, lots of reasonably priced Langhe Nebbiolos, and there are stocks of Burlotto’s Pelaverga again!



You know how quickly it goes out of stock…


I’ve got my order in already so I figured it was safe to talk about it. Perhaps we need to start a private Pelaverga group so we can effectively monopolise the stock? :wink:


That is exactly right… first you order, THEN you talk about it :slight_smile:

Just for info, 389 bottles of the Pelaverga left…


Ready, steady, go!!!


I had put 6 bottles in my basket earlier today but hadnt pressed the buy button yet. You sent me into a panic with that broadcast but I’ve pressed the buy button now and think I’m ok.

Have been looking forward to another bottle of the Pelaverga.

Be still my beating heart.


There are so many tempting wines in just these two offers, never mind the Rhone 2014… Even when you try very hard to only select wines that really appeal, ones basket is overflowing - how to choose!? :anguished:


This seems a perennial quandary!

My solution recently has been to just look away. It’s impossible to buy all the wines I want, and unsustainable financially (for me, at least) to respond to each and every offer with a purchase. Personally, I also think there’s something verging on the addictive - that impulse to add more wines to one’s collection. So I try to home in on what I’m lacking, or on new things I want to give a go… Not easy, though. I agree! :roll_eyes: