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Allergic reactions to wine?


Is this a “thing” ? Does anyone here believe they have ever had an actual reaction to a wine ?? I would be interested to know .
Last night I opened an Arinto . I had a glass and my eyelids started to itch … odd I thought , went to bed and woke up this morning like I’d been hit by David Haye in both eyes! My eyelids are so swollen i had to put a large hat on for the school run this morning :sob:! Now I’m not saying it was the wine … BUT …I didn’t consume anything else yesterday that was “new” as such . I’ve taken an anti histamine and hoping for the best As currently I could audition for a part in Predator.
It’s worth noting also I don’t have any known allergies to anything .
I’m not saying its the wine … but would be interested to hear if this has ever happened to anyone else ??


I know someone who does not drink any alcohol due to having allergic reactions.




You’re supposed to drink it not use it as a face wash :rofl: On a serious note I see that it is a high acid wine. I had a scary allergic reaction to an unsweetened coulis made from red, black and white currants which I found very acidic while eating . About an hour later eyes and nose streaming, throat sore and closing, breathing wheezy. Two antihistamines and lying very still trying not to panic restored me to health in about thirty minutes. So maybe acid, maybe a specific element in that grape?


A lot depends on how you imbibe wine…Capture%20edrops


I stopped drinking red wine for several years because of allergic reactions - very similar to cat allergy, I would get immediately stuffed up, red and itchy face, sore throat, horrible…

Recently, having noticed that I have got less allergic to cats, I gradually had little tastes of red wine again (after maybe 5 years off) and have much to my excitement discovered that all is fine again! Was never able to work out what I was actually allergic too, but delighted that it passed


It’s that damned poltergeist again @Leah :ghost:


@Leah, this is a well known phenomena, you reach a point in your life, this can be at any time, whereby you become allergic to wine and end up having to give it all away. I can PM you my address if this is the diagnosis.


I’m going to try a different wine tonight … just to be sure and now that I have the steroid cream the wine worlds my oyster :rofl::rofl::see_no_evil:


Not allergic to oysters I hope :wink: ?


Wasn’t allergic to anything last night… Hope not :wink:


I developed allergies when I DON’T drink wine.