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All hail the Society drivers!


I love my tws driver. He’s called Nathan and his number is even programmed into my phone. If he’s coming from the North side of the city he will always call me before he goes into the Tyne tunnel so I know he will be 15 mins or so. He also tries to deliver around the school run which makes it easy for me too.

Today while I was in the gym he texted to say he was 5 minutes away, the babysitter had taken the kids to the park and I wasn’t sure when she was back. He said he would try anyway and leave with one of my designated neighbours if she wasn’t there.
He texted 10 minutes later to say he had successfully delivered and that she had just come back. He really didn’t have to inform me of that but I find he’s always willing to go that extra mile.
He has often on occasion left my wine in the porch as requested and then closed my outer door for me. Nothing is too much bother for him, so cheers to the society drivers who if yours is anything like mine do a great job :blush:


Sounds like the TWS driver always rings twice…


Mine is also lovely - though I can’t say I’m on first-name basis with him… not yet, at least! :blush: But like yours, he is always cheerful, helpful, friendly and always willing to take away all my boxes.

The difference with a random courier driver is obvious - though I feel for those courier drivers, I must say.


This reminds me of a Tweet @Ewan put out about some of the instructions for our delivery drivers:


Ha ha! love the “please press the button or cross wires to make contact”!! :stuck_out_tongue:


I always opt for a delivery slot with a TWS driver rather than a courier. They are always cheerful and helpful and happy to take back cardboard wine cases (flattened). If I am out the wine is left as requested under the upturned recycling box.
Guys, your efforts are really appreciated and I hope management makes sure of that.


What was your address again? :smiley:

Some of the “random couriers” are pretty good too, BTW. I had cause to take a few TWS deliveries from one of those (can’t remember the name, but it was one of the big companies) recently and was very pleased with the politeness of the driver and the care with which the boxes were handled.


Up here in the Highlands almost all the major courier companies hand over to a local courier company for distribution. So consequently almost all deliveries I receive, from Amazon to TWS, are from that one company and also the particular run past my place is almost always done by the same driver. So over the years I have built up an equally friendly relationship with him. He knows exactly what to do when I’m not here and when I am he’s not above a little friendly ribbing along the lines of “What, more wine?!”.


Definitely agree with all the positive comments on TWS drivers. The rugby-loving guy who delivers from the Reading depot is everything you said - cheerful, helpful as well as being strong as an ox! He tucks a full case under his arm like its a box of feathers.

We tend to avoid the couriers unless it is unavoidable - mostly because their idea of leaving our wine in our designated safe place is to plonk it on the front door step :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


My WS driver is a lovely bloke too and we always have a bit of banter. I wish I’d taken his tips for last years Grand National though, his picks came in first and third !

Not that I actually gamble. Er, unless it’s buying wine EP.