ALDI Wine Club - Tasters Wanted

Firstly, apologies for the new thread. I wasn’t sure where to put this as I think it could go in a number of different threads.

I have to say, I like the sound of this ALDI concept (link at bottom). I always value consumers reviews over ‘experts’ reviews - as I find their palettes and honesty more in tune with the common people.

I do like and value TWS concerted efforts in the community space, and think there is a great opportunity to formalise their crowd sourcing spirit of tasting and talking wine more. I read with interest the topics on this forum site to help educate, inform, and influence me and my wine lifestyle :joy: and think that there would be value in encouraging the community to structure their wine feedback a bit more.

I take note of consumer “Reviews” on wines when I purchase from TWS, but for every informed Review I read I often read a lot of unstructured “Feedback” e.g. “…not to mine or my wife’s taste” (end) “smelt a bit strange” (end), with no real context or explanation. It’s important to continue allowing people to express themselves as they wish (I don’t want to turn this into a freedom of speech debate) but in reading this article it did prompt me to think that there is a a gap somewhere for more “authorised consumer” reviews at TWS.

Disclaimer: my post Friday night wine quaff coffee is still kicking in, so I am writing this on a Saturday morning without my morning stimulant - and I hope this does not come across as negative to TWS as it really is my goto place for great wine!!


I did this a couple of years ago and I was so disappointed. The group before my group got most of their exquisite range which in my opinion is pretty decent and drinkable across the board.
My group got given 6 wines, you were meant to tweet about them … they were predominantly bottom end tripe with the exception of one or two.
I couldn’t bring myself to A) actually drink them and B) tweet positively about them. Some of the others who received the same wines just “loved” every one .
The fact is unless you are a wine enthusiast you do not have the palate to determine whether a wine has structure, balance or any level of complexity and any “free” wine is a GREAT wine. I would be far more inclined to pick up an Aldi wine on the recommendations of members here or a wine professional who’s opinion I value .

Edit : Also to add and to be fair to Aldi, they do not ask for you to tweet positively about the wines, just to tweet in general.


What a shame your experience was a bad one, especially as I see a lot from you on this forum and have you pegged as someone who openly and frequently shares their opinions (like a number of others) to greatly help other community members.

Which is why I believe it’s people like yourself who should be given the chance to be an “authorised TWS reviewer” perhaps on quarterly mixed seasonal boxes or something :face_with_monocle:.

TWS would do this with more intent and purpose which would compliment those people who have a true passion for wanting to express their views on wines.


I tend to do that on my Instagram :sweat_smile:,

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Call me a cynic, but I doubt very much that Aldi are interested in feedback through their “free wine club”. They just want SM exposure, and know that if they give free wine (complete with tasting notes apparently!) they will most likely get positive comments, and those who don’t like the wine will keep quiet.

There is I think also a problem with amateur enthusiasts judging cheap wine - most would not know what to expect from a £3.99 bottle. It will most likely be pants compared to wines they normally drink, but how does it rate compared to similarly priced wine.


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Bl**dy hell, I’d heard of Lad Bible but never visited the site before. There seems to some very weird stuff in there - even more problematic than this “wine club.” (I’d not be eligible for at least two reasons, one of which is I have neither Twitter nor a “handle.”)


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Many thanks - been here since January. You’d be more than welcome, there is more wine than I can handle on my own haha!!

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The strategy here (I believe) is to attract the next wave of consumers who much of their natural life on social media. Being to-the-point on twitter will offer a certain immediacy about it to drive and adopt business. I would of chosen Instagram personally as they’re rolling out a payment service in their app for merchants to sign up to. Also think about augmented reality integration, putting your phone up to a bottle of wine to get a 150 character summary

TWA would be more strategic about the concept as they have a great community to tap into.

Lol - I fot this via a Facebook feed as I share some wine pics so imagine they’ve matched me to this, and have never visited their site to browse. But will check it out to see what general content they share. Apols If it is disturbing.

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Thanks James :pray: - hope to see you here some day :sunny: :wine_glass: