Aldi bargain

For some reason I remembered Fiona Beckett and Helen McGinn referring to a Californian wine called Odd Lot a couple of years ago:

Sold by Aldi for £9.99 but I’d never seen it – and then it popped up in my local recently, being dumped at £2.99. “Good value and interesting” (at £9.99), said Fiona Beckett. “Tastes more expensive than it is… Lovely with chili,” said Helen McGinn. So gotta be worth a punt at less than a third of that.

I’ve had one so far, last week on holiday. I wasn’t paying massive attention, TBH, but it went down well with a burger. One to drink rather than contemplate maybe, but well worth a shot if anyone can find it at a similar price in their Aldi.


We also enjoyed it a few months ago. As you say, not super complex - but not a bad Californian blend either for the price!