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Alcohol tolerance


Are others in the same position?
As I get older I am finding my body resists the higher alcohol wines, so am always looking for around 12% max. However the ABV is not always prominent in listings and marketing, with a preference for tasting terms to attract. Full marks to TWS for their occasional bundles of lower ABV selections.


I’m intrigued by the concept that your body “resists” and am wondering how this manifests itself?

I find as I get older I drink less volume, and aim to compensate by drinking better quality, but I’ve never found the alcohol level a factor in itself. I do however like the alcohol level to be clearly listed, just for information.


I also drink less volume. But the ‘resistance’ is usually a bloated feeling which happens sooner with higher ABV. The old adage of drinking as much water as wine works to an extent…but makes visits to the loo more frequent!! My GP acknowledges the higher ABV can be an issue with older people…and it is a good thing to recognise it.


Alcohol isn’t a problem,
It’s a solution.



A solution or a suspension? My O level chemistry was never very good⚗️


Chimes wit item today on BBC news website about changes in drinking habits.


It’s always a good pun to create debate amongst chemists. Given that 100% purity is unobtainable for ethanol they tend to say high purity alcohol is a solvent or liquid. However, high purity alcohol still contains some water,usually a bit of methanol and some other trace compounds… close enough for me to support the “solution” descriptor and keep the pun alive.

In a wine context then I’d support the suspension given the particulates and liquid components.
I’m aware that I’m derailing your thread :blush:, so will leave it to the chemists…

As for your original question I can’t say I’ve had that issue. Maybe I’m not old enough yet, or just lucky. However, I do drink plenty of water when really getting stuck into the vino, probably more like 2:1 (water:wine). Toilet visits are a necessary result of ingesting that volume, a price I’m happy to pay.