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Alcohol free wine

Tried a pink Torres this evening in attempt to be virtuous. I often fancy an evening glass of wine but can’t as have to drive errtc etc. So thought I’d give this a go. Bit of an impulse purchase. Here’s the blurb on the back.

Anyway it had provoked a slew of thoughts & questions which i produce for you here, unfined and unfiltered.
Alcohol must be a wonderful catalyst for flavour. The removal seemed to take the essence from this pink drink. Would be interesting to taste the alcoholic version to really understand the difference.
This cost a fiver, cheap for wine so one can’t expect much. Are there more expensive ones that do a better job?
Anyone had other alcohol free wines? I see TWS list a sister product.
It seems to have taken about 25 years to get a reasonable alcohol free beer. (I’m looking at you Kaliber from the 80s). Do we just need to give the boffins more time to create a better product?

Anyway would be interested to hear your thoughts and experiences even if just to accuse me of heresy.


This is actually pretty good, very useful for drivers and kids at celebrations, which honestly isn’t damning with faint praise :wink:


Thanks for posting, I’ve never tried a zero % alcohol wine. German sweet stuff is about as low as I go (not being able to afford Aszu Essencia).

I think I’m happy with water for a few more years until they’ve really cracked it.

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Hmmm, interesting. Do you think that the fact that it is sparkling helps it to be a bit more palatable?

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Have added to my wish list for next order.

You might be interested to read some of the thoughts on this thread:

Personally, I haven’t found alcohol-free wine that works for me, but enjoy Brew Dog’s Nanny State alcohol-free beer very much! Enjoyed this one several times too:

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Ha thanks. Should have guessed this topic had come up before. Will get reading.

Have a bottle of that pale ale coming in next order. Brooklyn special effects is pretty decent if you want an lager version.

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As far as I am aware alcohol is a flavour enhancer.

Quite possibly, yes. As has been noted elsewhere I think, the absence of alcohol does seem to remove some of the body and mouthfeel, maybe this is less noticeable in a fizz? In all honesty I’d rather have a decent champagne or cremant, but for what it is it really isn’t half bad. A damn sight better than Shloer anyway… :slight_smile:

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No worries, its certainly worth a pop (pun fully intended) at £4.50 a bottle :slight_smile:

Had a few alcohol-free beers. Erdinger is for me the best - notice it’s labelled as an “Isotonic Drink” rather than as “beer”, maybe for the Saudi market? - Brooklyn SX ok too. Don’t like the taste of Nanny State. But then basically i just don’t like beer! Useful for warm afternoons in the garden, though, as it puts off starting on the wine for a couple of hours.

Can’t imagine there’s a decent alcohol-free wine. The fact that the alcohol content is 2 or 3 times higher just makes it impossible to get something that tastes relatively similar. I don’t think an acceptable alcohol-free wine will ever be produced, and certainly not one that wine geeks will drink :smiley:

Can believe that bubbles (evil stuff!) will hide a multitude of sins, though.


I tried a few. Natureo red was my favourite substitute with a beef sunday roast. I found some of the whites either too sweet or just too acidic. Its leagues a way from the real stuff, purely on a sensory basis. As many have said before I think I prefer alcohol free beer, and happy to have that even if wine containing alcohol is on the cards for later.

My only contribution beyond what I think people have said before is that having a glass of non-alcoholic wine continued the desire to have a glass of wine, but leaving you dissatisfied when you have it. In the end I prefer to just abstain and avoid the mind dwelling on what its missing out on :slight_smile: I also appreciate in social occasions having some substitute is beneficial though so I’m far from writing it off completely.


Completely agree about Nanny State. It’s a drink I’d choose to have even with an alcoholic beer available. Lovely citrus flavours.


In case anyone is tempted by German producer Leitz’s Eins Zwei Frei which is available at Waitrose I speak from experience when I say it is the most awful alcohol free anything I have ever tasted. Absolutely bloody terrible.

We tried the rose version of the highly regarded G&M Festillant on holiday last year when we spotted it in a French supermarket. It was drinkable, just, won’t be rushing to buy more. I think the white version possibly pepped up with a tasty cordial would be better, but then you might as well use a bottle of sparkling water instead.

Haven’t yet tried any of the alcohol free distillations now available. Has anyone else? In the meantime, like most other folks, I’ll stick to the alcohol free beer when needed. Why can beer makers crack this problem and not winemakers?


I just can’t raise any interest in non-alcoholic versions of alcohol drinks. If you want to drink alcohol then do; if you don’t, then don’t. It’s not as if there isn’t already an enormous choice of non-alcoholic drinks in the world. If necessary I would rather drink a weak spritzer than some sort of de-alcoholised excuse for a drink!


I haven’t tried any NA wine, nor do I intend to. I do however have NA beer, there’s several good ones out there now, Nanny State being one and Brew Dog do another called Punk AF which I think I prefer. There’s a German one at Waitrose I quite like but don’t have the bottle to hand and can’t remember the name. I think the key to the beer seems to be hops; add enough and it makes up for the taste and body.

I do enjoy the distilled ‘spirits’ as well, I’ve gone through a few of them now and also have a bottle of what is basically an amaro substitute. I like those sorts of bitter flavours so it scratches the G&T itch without the alcohol. There’s still the special occasion sort of vibe, taking out a balloon glass, nice ice, can of tonic, garnish, mixing it all up.

All in all, I think the development of non/low alcohol drinks has been hugely positive. There’s lots of very good reasons to not have alcohol all the time, so being able to have similar flavours or make an event out of a drink without resorting to high sugar content libations is a great step forward.


Much easier to get rid of the alcohol when it’s only 5%!

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I get where you’re coming from, I take a similar attitude to low fat foods (eating half portion of a full fat version would give me far more pleasure).

However, when I do want a soft drink, my choices are extremely limited. I’d like a dry soft drink which on the whole isn’t catered for outside the low/non-alcohol market. I’ll echo the beer being much better than the wine (I’ve recently tried Lucky Saint, which as someone who’s not much of a lager drinker, I was very impressed by, also the already mentioned Brewdog offerings are good enough to drink when I am drinking!), but it’s always nice to have a range of options. I find non-alcohol wines much better if you think of them as something separate to wine rather than trying to compare them.

In the current market I think it’ll take a lot less than 25 years for the quality of NA wine to catch up with that of beer, both bulk and artisanal producers are quicker to jump on bandwagons these days, I’d be surprised if there’s not something actually drinkable in the next couple of years.


Guess it depends what you mean by “drinkable”. As someone who doesn’t really drink sub £10 wines because they’re rarely interesting enough for more than one glass, i can’t see a non-alcoholic wine ever managing to be interesting.

But as compared to other soft drinks.

If the other option is over-sweet fizzy water and phosphoric acid…

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