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Alcohol-Free Wine recommendations



I’ve tried both the seedlip mocktails and I do like a seedlip spice actually! I just find the bottle a bit pricy to invest in one at home so just have one or two as a treat when I’m out. Another one that’s good for when you feel left out.


Hope you’re coping OK with this heat!

To be honest, with the current heatwave we should all be trying to stay hydrated and drink a few more non-alcoholic beverages



You’re telling me! Had a single glass of Côtes-du-Rhône from the box yesterday evening and didn’t enjoy it at all. Went back to alternating between water and cold, cold beer for the evening, and even then I gave up the beer earlier than usual because it just wasn’t very appealing.


Ice cold fizzy water is my best friend.


This is a delicious recipe … if you leave the Eisberg out! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Welcome to the Community, and hang on in there - just make sure your first post-natal tipple is a good ‘un. :baby_bottle::champagne::baby_bottle::champagne:


Drank myself out of cold fizzy water on many occasions while pregnant and also liked adding lime cordial! You better stock up if you intend on breast feeding as no one told me how incredibly thirsty you are ALL the time :joy:


Nothing like cold Badoit or Ferrarelle alongside the wine to help you endure the warmth of outside dining. A gentle tingle of gas, and less likely to make you belch :pig:


Just discovered mint-flavoured Badoit. Imo it’s delicious, and absolutely perfect for warm weather. Will be buying gallons, or litres of it!

Sorry, not an alcohol-free wine but a pleasure to drink nevertheless.


Currently putting together my case for when I’m ‘back in the game’ - I actually forgot how much I loved this part of the process, its so exciting! Been going through the new book with a highlighter like the wine geek I always was. Planning to get some old faves, some new faces…any MUST TRIES? Or maybe theres a Wines for Exhausted New Parents section I’ve missed on the site? Wines with a strong aroma or bouquet may be of help as well. Just kidding.


I recommend champagne, champagne and some more champagne.


How exciting for you!
I recommend the boxed Soave wine for gentle, light refreshment after a long day of parenting! :smiley:


Oh yes, I’ve had plenty of them, lots to choose from :+1:


I’d be inclined to go with lowish alcohol so you don’t blow your head off straight away! If you want to go full flavoured and satisfy your craving for something rich and complex, this is a great shout:

A couple of reds that are quite refreshing in this heat and are good lightly chilled:

Refreshing whites with quite a bit going on:

I’m pretty sure that at this point you’ll enjoy almost anything to be honest! :grinning:


Good shout re low alc!!


Mmmmmm :drooling_face: thanks!


If this heat keeps up I’d go for this; really refreshing and crisp!


Ooh yum that sounds like a bit of me!


Wines you can put a few reed diffusers in and use as a room fragrancer?


Hi all! Hope you’re all well.

Just thought I would come back and update…

Please meet our sweet baby girl Margaret Esmé Mowat, born 21st October.

We call her Maggie for short. So in love!

Thanks for all your assistance, hints and tips, I’m combo feeding so was able to taste that first glass very recently…it was The Society’s Prosecco as it was also my 30th Birthday!



Aaaw @sophie21188!! Massive huge congratulations. She’s absolutely gorgeous. Glad you got to enjoy some bubble and thanks for letting us know.