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Alcohol-Free Wine recommendations



Hi all!

Long time wine-lover, first time poster.

I find myself feeling a little left out of the fun at the moment, as I’m busy growing a new society member.

So I’m hoping you all may have some reccommendations of alcohol-free wines that I could try. I’m aware The Society does a sparkling that I’ve heard great things about, so will definitely be investing in that.

Otherwise so far I’ve tried Eisberg’s Chardonnay and Sauvignon blanc, both of which were frankly unbearable. I was too scared to try the reds…

Otherwise, I’ve got an open-minded (mouthed?!) palate and will try anything twice, so if you’ve tried a good one, let me know!



Thirsty Thursday 26th April 2018

Hi Sophie

Welcome to the community! And, of course, congratulations on your impending motherhood - will this be your first child?

My wife is at 37 weeks with our second daughter at the moment, and we’ve done a bit of exploring on alcohol-free wines. I am genuinely sorry to say that the Eisberg Sauvignon Blanc was the best one that we found. I agree, that is not saying much. At least that one tasted vaguely like a truly awful SB. The Eisberg red (I can’t remember which grape it was pretending to be) was absolutely vile - don’t go there. We tried Sainsbury’s own brand versions as well but they were even worse.

There’s always the silver lining - your first post-pregnancy wine will be such a treat. Have something special ready!


Lovely to have you join us @sophie21188 and thanks for getting involved even though you can’t join in (yet).

It has been quite a few years since we were in this particular boat, but we used to love a sparkling drink whose name has been forgotten in the mist of time (and wine) since … but there does appear to be a whole new generation of interesting non-alcoholic adult beverages since then.

Neither are ‘wine’, but have you tried something like this?


or the ‘non-alcoholic spirit’:



I like both of these quite a lot, even if I’m not forced :smiley:


Hi Sophie! :smiley: Firstly, congrats! And welcome. :slight_smile:

Not sure if it’s much help, but there’s this:

Which I’ve heard - thanks to a couple of the ladies in our department who have had babies - isn’t bad at all.

Also, the Eisberg wines are vile, yes - but you can get a sort of wine-y/sangria-esque kick from them that is more bearable if you use them as a ‘spritzer’ with some good-quality lemonade, tons of ice and maybe some fresh fruit. I’ve done that before when I’m the designated driver and it’s quite refreshing, even if it’s not exactly the most sophisticated substitute to the real thing…


I agree these work really well in cocktails to substitute spirits. You also have an undiminished price experience.


slightly o/t, but when is TWS going to stock branded babygrows? :thinking: :baby:



I would second the Gratien and Meyer recommendation, it’s actually quite pleasant to drink and much better than fruit juice when everyone else is having fizz. In my experience though, generally non-alc beers are a better bet, if that has any appeal. Beck’s blue just about does the job, and this:


is something I can (and do) actually drink for pleasure. The society has this

which I think may be similar, but haven’t tried.


Congratulations @sophie21188! Hope it’s all going okay with you and the bun.

This went down very well among the drivers last Christmas. Off-dry, but that was considered a good thing, given that it had been stripped of the booze element.


I second Beck’s blue! I also really like the 0% San Miguel, which I drink sometimes on non-wine nights.
Never got on with alcohol-free wine, unfortunately. I always end up preferring fizzy water with some lime instead.
Most recent non-alcoholic discovery is Brew Dog’s Nanny State, which I rather like. It has got a bit of a bitter aftertaste, though, which might not appeal to everyone.

Hope the pregnancy is going well, Sophie! :+1::blush:


Omg !! @tom & kids pjs !! Best idea this … week!?? :rofl:! I’d buy them


It’s not going to happen…


Hi Everyone,

Thanks so much for all your tips, much appreciated!!

It is indeed our first and I’m 13 weeks down the line…the light at the end of the tunnel seems quite far away at the mo! I’m already planning my menu for the day after the baby arrives, wine is very much at the top of the list, followed by an unlimited buffet of charcuterie, soft cheeses, smoked fish, seafood, rare steak, raw egg based dishes…etc etc.

I will definitely be trying the Eisberg Sangria idea, may even give the red a whirl for this purpose!

I’ll be ordering the Gratien & Meyer with my husband’s next order, and will get involved with the beers as well, I could do with opening my mind a little wider in that regard.

I’ve heard good things about Seedlip so will invest in that too!

I’ll see if I can source some non-Eisberg wines out there in the world and give them a try and review them, maybe I can become a non-alcohol Jancis Robinson. If not I’ll just come up with some more virgin cocktail recipes to use up Eisberg.

Meanwhile, as I’m actually a fashion designer I’ll get going on those babygros!

Thanks again,


Hi @sophie21188, I used to drink this Erdinger from time to time when I was pregnant from Beerhawk. They also do a mixed case of 15 different types of non alcoholic beers for around £22. I had the odd glass of sparkling wine but to be honest I found I didn’t have the taste for wine (thankfully) when I was expecting . Hope the pregnancy is going well :wink:


Hi Sophie.
From the hospital, having had our 2nd grandchild, my daughter in law ordered for her arrival back home…where we were caring for the 1st one…rare sirloin steak and a good quality French red. Can’t remember the wine I got as finding a real butcher on a Saturday at 2pm proved a challenge.
However all was well and the general consensus was that it was better to stay away from alcohol, and enjoy a real good one once the barrier was lifted, before managing the wine consumption with the feeding regime.


Ooh, that sounds interesting! What sort of work do you do?

I should introduce you to @Rosie who has some fun ‘fashion’ plans of our own :wink:


Yes, absolutely, watch this space! Although I’m thinking we need Wine Society babygrows, now…:wink:


Hello everyone! Just coming back to say I’ve not tried anything mindblowing, but the Gratien + Meyer is a really, really pleasant substitute when you feel left out and jealous, and actually lovely in and of itself! Needs to be really cold however, especially on these hot days.

I’ve spied a couple of wines I want to try (spotted at Waitrose) and I’ve heard tell of an alcohol free Kopparberg, but again I have tried absolutely nothing of note yet, so I’m not even going to name them haha.


Have you tried the Seedlip offerings yet?


Can’t recommend any wines, but in terms of alcohol-free things the Erdinger that Leah mentioned and the alcohol-free Franziskaner weissbier are about as good as it gets. Much better than the Nanny State. Duchess 0% G&Ts are ok (first couple of sips are pretty good, diminishing returns thereafter). If you can find it, Agua de Madre at 1.2% booze is nice (www.aguademadre.co.uk). Seedlip Garden is an abomination; Seedlip Spice is quite pleasant with tonic and lime.