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Alchoholism amongst over 65s


Another article. Spoiler alert: we just don’t know.


Again frustrating lack of facts. It says some studies show increased longevity but others show increased risk of cancer. Is the increased risk of cancer more or less significant than the increased longevity? Without even that comparative fact the article tells me nothing (in fairness they do admit to it’s inconclusion).

Sorry I probably need to back off from this before I upset anyone. Hope I haven’t already. :flushed:


You haven’t upset me. I have seen some evidence to suggest that moderate drinking is healthier that Total abstinence.


Trouble with common sense is that if, if it’s sense, it’s not that common; and, if it’s common, it’s rarely sense. Think on’t.


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Thanks, Ken. I am well aware of it, having worked as a counsellor for the past 9 years.


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Agreed. One of the problems with with research into the effects of alcohol (and any other food and drink) is that the human body is an incredibly complicated thing. In terms of nutrition and health, there are a huge number of interrelated factors that determine our health outcomes. Alcohol intake is just one small part: but it is capable of being clearly identified, is easily measurable and can be directly influenced. Researchers and health professionals are invariably drawn to what they can measure and change. And telling people to give up alcohol is much easier than getting them to change their lifestyle and eating habits: an overweight person over 50 with a fatty liver will be told to stop drinking - when the condition is as likely caused by a lifelong tendency to obesity, which is much harder to modify. The whole issue is not helped by the fact that, up to recently, there was little money to be made in scientific research around the subject of nutrition: you can’t patent foodstuff like you can patent medicine. As a result, a lot of the historic knowledge and data stems from “research” which was biased to prove one view or another. Most professionals in the field will agree with your point - everything in moderation.


I think its quite likely that the people who worry about SO2 and pesticide residues in wine are moderate drinkers. People who over drink probably already have to much worry and stress in their lives.


Quite possibly, but (unless you are allergic) however much you drink the health risks of alcohol vastly outweigh the risks from “chemicals”


i agree wth you.


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I like to play my piano after supper. The more I drink, the worse my playing becomes. So I now drink less.


Play your piano before supper. Problem solved.


The operative word here is “Like” if you like playing after supper do what your doing . The thing that wine and piano playing shares is pleasure. Do what pleases you. The good thing about piano playing is that it can bring pleasure to others . You could always have a night cap after the piano playing. But again its what pleases you that matters. No one telling you to drink or not to dink. Do what brings you and others pleasure.


I agree with the people who say moderation is the key. People who fret about alcohol and the effect that it could have on their health need to put it in perspective.

Pollution from city living, red meat, the effects of passive smoking from a decade ago that could still effect you now, being over weight, even crossing the road, all these things can have a serious effect your health. At least with wine there are also health benefits with small amounts of consumption and it will definitely help you unwind.

I don’t want to trivialise it, but I’ve seen a few posts here from people who seem overly concerned. For example, I know Headingley quite well and if I lived or had previously lived there or a similar area, I’d be much more concerned about the effects of pollution and it’s links to dementia or even the risk of knife crime than I would be about a very reasonable and moderate alcohol consumption.

I hope that this post doesn’t sound harsh or condescending, I don’t mean it to at all. I just hoped to play devil’s advocate.


I believe you can drink a lot without having an alcohol dependency. This is a common misconception in the media. Many years ago, I drank copious amounts of beer after a Saturday afternoon game. But I never saw a pink elephant.


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That the seeing pink elephants.